Sunday, July 3, 2011

NASL Grand Finals this weekend!!!!

The Grand finals are finally upon us! This weekend, 15 of the best players will be competing for fame, glory, and cash! Strelok would have made 16, however due to some Visa issues, he was not able to participate in the live event. The event starts Friday. So here is the breakdown of the Races:

Zerg have a pretty good shot at taking the grand finals. In fact on the first day of the finals, there will only be 2 matchs in the first round that will not have a Zerg player, MC vs Boxer and Select vs White Ra. Unfortunately, all 4 of these players are in the same Bracket so only one of these monumental players will make it out. I have tried determining who will make it out of this bracket  and it is just too difficult. The quality of players are very high so it is very difficult to say who will make it to the Semifinals. But I can say that those matches will be the ones to watch. I am however fairly confident Sen and Morrow will make it to the finals, but Ret, Sheth will probably be seen up against each other.

I am going to possibly be at a watch party for this mega event on Sunday and will do my best to report the results as I see them.

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