Friday, July 8, 2011

NASL Grand Finals Day 1 Hasuobs vs Moon

Match 4
Hasuobs vs Moon

I gotta say, the games so far have been pretty epic, some of the best I have seen all Season. I am really hoping for a Protoss win here, with only 4 in the finals, we Brotoss need to stick together!

Game 1
Both players start out very standard, Moon opting in for a Pool first rather than a Hatchery, and Hasuobs is going for 3 Gate Sentry. Moon is favoring Roaches and Zerglings with a Hydra Den going down. Moon keeps trying to apply pressure with Zerglings but they are being rebuffed over and over again. Hasuobs continues to play very definsively, concentrating on teching rather than getting a big unit count. however Moons Hyrdas and Roachs catch Hasuobs units out of position and are able to take down half of Hasuobs force. Current food at the 13 min mark is 173 food for Moon to 93 for Hasuobs. Hasuobs now gains Blink while Moon is maxing out his army. Moon has 4 bases with one being Gold and Hasuobs has 3. Moon does a two Pronged attack by focusing both the 2nd and 3rd bases, Hasuobs fends it off but loses quite a few Colossus and the food count is still the same as it was before. His economy is just so far behind and he has no Immortals to help deal with the mass amount of Roaches Moon has been relying on. But Moon decides to make sure he is going to win this by making 140 Banelings and literally forces the Protoss army to evaporate. Moon takes game 1!

Game 2
Hasuobs opts in for a 1 gate expand into Stargate while Moon is preferring some mass Speedlings. Moon manages to pick off the Early Expand pretty easily and is poking in and prodding in every area he can, taking advantage of the slow movement speed of the Protoss. This continues for 7 min and now it is 5 bases of Moon vs the 2 of Hasuobs. Moon cleans it up and Moon takes it 2-0.

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