Saturday, July 9, 2011

NASL Grand Finals Day 2 Select vs MC

Day 2 Match 4
Select vs MC

Metalopolis, Crevasse, Typhon Peaks

Game 1
Cross positions on this map, Left vs Right. Select is opting in for a quick expansion while MC is going for the standard play, no deviation on his opening that is typical among all Protoss. He does sneak in a Twilight Council and a Dark Shrine afterwards, with not clear way for Select to detect it, MC has a great chance to deal damage, but Select has a great read on his opponent and builds detection right as the Dark Templar arrives. MC see that and expands behind it, proceeding to do the same as his opponent and macro and tech up. Ghosts are coming into play as well as a Robo Facility. Select seems to be getting upgrades for Marines and Mauraders and will be going for the typical Marine, Marauder, Medivac Mix. Charge on its way in which will help out quite a bit, as well as Storm which is on its way. MC places 6 gateways down vs a 2 base timing push from select that is primarily the Bio Ball. Forcefields go off, Emps go off, but the Zealots are absorbing all that damage. The exchange ends up being about even as MC loses all his Zealots. Both armies regroup, and as Select is preparing to take his third MC has already set up a Proxy Pylon to spot when this one will come, and when he sees it he sends his army to harrass and it works out and the Proxy Pylon is spared and is able to replenish the army that is not clearing out the third, and on its way to the Natural of Select. Select gg's and MC takes game 1.

Game 2
Players spawn on the right sides of Crevasse, MC on top, Select on bottom. Select opts in for a double early expansion. MC looking again to do a very standard play on this map with an early expansion himself in the protected area. We will defintely be seeing some drop play, or should, even though the third Barracks is going down. MC again grabbing a Robo Facility, but only for Observers, that has been all hes been using it for in all his games. MC grabs his third base and a Twilight Council with 2 Stargates, MC is grabbing any and everything. Charge coming up, +1 armor on it way as well, and a pair of Phoenix's. Select again appaears to be favoring the Bio Death Ball of Marines Mauarders Medivacs. Ghosts coming out as well, and No storm, im worried that because he has no storms to help do damage. But now I think I see wht he pted in for Phoneixis, Crevasse allows for macro play with easily defendable expansions, IF your opponent doesnt do drop play, which Protoss dont most of the time, but Terrans do almost every game, Phoneixs were built to allow him to stay powerful and Mobile, MC decides to push in with 10 phonexis and Zealots with Sentries, Forcefields go off, segment the army and cleans it up, but very little of his ground army remains and his Phoenixs are out of energy, but MC with 3 bases is clearly in the lead. Phoneixs come poking in picking off Medivacs. Storm play is on its way in and heavy Zealots with +2 armor on the way. Select still favoring the Bio Deathball and Medivacs keep getting picked off, Select wants to charge in and an engagement happens, zealots and Archons are eliminated but so are the Marines for Select and the Phoenixs again remain. The food count is still even, but MC is now on 4 bases with Select jsut not saturating his 4th, but is leading the harvestor count by 20. Great storms go off and MC's forces get cut in half, and another engagement causes another draw between these two players. MC is jsut not hitting 200 while select is hitting 151, but his bases are drying up. MC is taking his 6th and is assulting Selects 5th, No medivacs means his units are slowly dying, Zealots in Selects main, 5th base down, main army gone, Select is looking to be out classed in this matchup. And now MC is bringing in Collossus and more Zealots, one last engagment puts the nail in the coffin and Select gg's, MC is now in the Semifinals.........

Great job MC!! He will be up against Sen next, and I think he will have no trouble in that match as PvZ is my Favorite matchup and both of these players are TITANS in thier respective races, Truly and Epic match will happen again today.

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