Saturday, September 10, 2011

Great Team Liquid Thread:

It talks about the Protoss Warp in Mechanic and things you may not have thought about concerning it. He claims it broke Protoss, I don't agree with that opinion, but the content does make think about certain aspects of the game and how Protoss differs from the other 2 races because of this mechanic.

Friday, August 26, 2011


Hey guys! head on over to Ibuypower and like the video I posted! I realize its not a Starcraft video, but an old World of Warcraft video I made of a truly epic moment, the first time my guild killed Anub'arak on heroic mode!

Head on over and like it! Only those with a Facebook will do!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Starcraft 2 PTR Patch 1.4

The most notable and worthwhile change in my opinion is probably the Immortal Buff. That needed to happen a year ago.

Unit vision up ramps has been reduced by 1.

Attack range increased from 5 to 6.

Acceleration increased from 0.3 to 1.375.
The Mothership’s Cloaking Field no longer cloaks all units instantaneously, but rather adds units to the cloak field over time (maximum of 25 per second). This should alleviate “Mothership Lag” issue when a Mothership comes online.

Blink research time increased from 110 to 140.

Warp Prism
Shields increased from 40 to 100.

Build time increased from 60 to 65.

Infernal Pre-Igniter damage upgrade decreased from 10 to 5.

Seeker missile movement speed increased from 2.5 to 2.953.

Fungal Growth damage changed from 36 (+30% armored) to 30 (40 vs Armored).

Morph cost decreased from 50/100 to 50/50.
Contaminate energy cost increased from 75 to 125.

Build time decreased from 70 to 55.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Still Platinum!

So after a long 70 hour work week, I head over to a clients house to clean her floors. Shes a nice older lady who I frequently talk to about other business ventures and stuff in general. She told me to head home early and enjoy some time to myself, after I told her how long of a week I had. Now, to set things straight, Work is the reason I have not been able to devote any time to the blog, or Starcraft in general. a 60-70 Hour work week is now normal for me. Any Semblance of a Social Life or free time went out the door in favor or paying the bills.

Anyway, I took her up on her offer, headed home and spent an hour playing Starcraft, which involved 1 Ladder game. I lost to a Diamond Player going Roach + Infestor probably because, even though I knew he was going Roaches, I still built a Colossus. I had been producing a few Immortals, but did not keep up with it, so eventually he won out by having more units. It wasn't until after my third base went down that I realized I was not spending all of my resources, or did I have enough unit producing Structures. I still had 3 Gateways after my 2nd base went up. I still have trouble knowing when to build more unit producing structures after an expansion goes down. I am finding I need to find the right time to push, or just push out then to see what he is doing and how much he has to know whether to continue building units and wait till I have enough money too add more buildings on. I am liking this 3 gate Council build though....

But I was placed in Platinum after that match still! Hooray!!!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

State of the Blog

Well its been a year since my first post! I have really enjoyed writing this blog and even more reading other blogs and your comments!. I know recently there has not been a lot of posts about whats going on and that's largely due to life and my career taking a higher priority right now, and there are no signs of this easing up in the near future. I keep checking the blog though, but the content will mainly be various media that surface or tournament results instead of tactics or strategies in game. I am still a big fan of the NASL so you can keep checking back here for info on season 2!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

North American Star League Season 1 Complete Replays

The North American Star League just announced that all replays can now be downloaded. Here is the Link:

There are no replays for the Open Tournament if anyone was curious, but there are for the Playoffs.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

NASL Grand Finals Puma vs MC

Grand Finals
MC vs Puma
This will be a best of 7 series, no idea of the maps that will be used. My bet will be on these:
Xelnaga Caverns, Metalopolis, Taldarim Altar, Terminus, Shattered Temple, Crossfire, and Backwater Gulch. Not necessarily in that order.

Game 1
First map is Metalopolis. Players spawn in close air positions in the southern portion of the map. MC spawning in the south and Puma in the West. Standard play coming out, Fast factory coming out and floats up and lands in the base of MC for some Helions. MC already grabbing a Stargate and not grabbing Voidrays, but Phoenixs instead. Puma grabbing his Command center in preparation for an expansion. It seems Puma is favoring heavy Bio units and MC begins his expansion as well. food counts are about even at the ten minute mark, 80- 76 of MC. I lost the internet, just for a second but it was enough for me to miss the drop in the base of MC but i dont think it did much. MC did throw down a Templar archives at some time, and grabbing a few Archons and favoring alot of Zealots like he has in the past. MC also epxanding behind this big aggression he is doing as well. EMP's go off and completely nulify the forcefields of the Sentries which wont go down now. MC is forced to retreat as his Zealots are eliminated. Puma expands after this to his 3rd, and attempts another drop but it is spotted early. MC, after now taking full advantage of his 3rd base, is now leading the food count by 40, 150-110 at the 18 min mark. Colossus are now coming into the game as 2 Robo Facilitiys are down and producing. A lot of Ghosts are out now as well, and they get some great EMP's off, nullifying Storms. He pushes through and eliminated the army of MC and MC is forced to gg after the overpowered emps just cripple him....

Game 2
Shattered Temple is the next map and again both players are spawning in close air positions in the south. MC in the West, Puma in the South. Puma looks to be going for 3 Barracks, and MC going for an early expansion. Puma also putting down an expansion as well. Puma looking to be favoring bio units again. MC is grabbing a late 2nd gas and a Stargate and Puma this time doesn't have a Viking to help fend off the Phoenix's. Puma trys a drop but flys right into the Phoenix's of MC, MC holds it off, but his Stargate tech is delayed. Another Ghost Academy is out, so probably some Nuke play, Charge also coming up as well as more Phoenix play. Templars are coming up so we can expect some Storm play. Puma makes a drop and manages to delay the mineral line and snipe the twilight council that was making Charge. This Cripples him and now MC loses his Zealots and is forced to GG. Puma is up 2-0

Game 3
Xelnaga Caverns is the map. MC spawning in the south, Puma in the North. Standard play again. Early 2nd gas is being taken from MC. MC going for a Stargate again, hes favored this build in every game we have seen here in the finals. A Voidray is coming out as well, and a 2nd after that, MC defends Pumas early pressure so well, his entire force is eliminated. MC now goes on the offensive with the 2 Void Rays that have still not been revealed yet. He is picking off alot of buildings and forces Puma on the defensive and establishes hiw own expansion in the mean time. MC is leading the food count by 20 at the 11 min mark, 80-60. MC is going for 7 Phoenixs now and a drop from Puma is on the way. but MC picks it off with no trouble, Puma drops again, this time on MC's Twilight Council and again picks it off right before Charge Finishes. Storm is done however, and 4 Templars are on the field ready to do damage, no Ghosts to counter these and MC pushes Puma all the way back with no trouble slowly eliminating the Terran army, Puma gg's and MC takes game 3, 1-2.

Game 4
Map is Backwater Gulch. Puma is spawning in the Bottom Right corner, and MC is in the Top left. MC opening up with a Robo Opening for the first time in this series. No Stargate tech looks to be coming out. Looks to be a 3 gate Robo. Banshees looking to be coming out as well with Cloak. He trys to do some Harras but it doesnt work as MC fends it off. Puma throwing a Ninja Expansion down in the top Right corner.  Colossus are also on the way in as well. Puma also takes his Natural. Puma now favoring heavy bio units. MC going for Stalkers and Colossus. Blink is out, Charge and Storm both on its way. MC not making more than 3 Colossus. Storm as canceled it looks like.Ghosts are now in play, great EMP's go off, MC's army is destroyed, and Puma will take game 4, 3-1.

Game 5
Terminus RE is the map. Looks like im 5 for 5 in map guessing. Cross Positions are spawned, MC in the East Puma in the West. Early expansions go down. Probably a 4 gate push coming in. it is rebuffed, and a Banshee is out, with cloak, makes it across the map and picks off 9 probes. It seriously delays the economy of MC, but Puma has not done anything to take advantage of his natural. Puma is still on one base. He is just now taking his 2nd at the 10 minute mark, but Cloaked Banshees are harrasing all around the map. Chargelots are coming up. Templar Archives are up as well, with Storm most likely following, Puma is retaining map control. He makes a drop and again delays the mineral line of MC. Puma is just dominating MC and beings taking his 3rd. MC also taking his 3rd and defending against the drops very well. MC makes a push but doesnt do much except pick off 2 more drops from Puma. Puma trying to drop again. The stream is lagging. The drops of Puma are forcing MC to stay near his base and he is just not able to go on the offensive. He holds off a big attack with a key storm that changes the tide of this battle, MC IS NOW IN THE LEAD, hes got Puma running! He denys Pumas 4th and proceeds to head back and tech up. MC looking to make a few Colossus. The Archons are helping him absorb that damage and MC is even taking his 5th as well M C almost loses his 3rd, it was 4 HP away from death, and Puma is on the death march and trys to engange, Archons are getting pushed back and picked off. Puma makes a drop and picks off the 3rd, the main army of Puma is also eliminated and both sides are looking to rebuild. we are now at the 25 min mark and its 4 bases against 5. Puma charges in and Great storms go off to delay that. Colossus are now on thier way into the field MC picks off another drop and is in the lead with food by 20, Great Storms go off, Colossus now on the front lines, Puma is on the run, food count is in favor of MC by 50, EMPs go off but aren't enough. Puma gg's and MC takes game 5, 2-3.

Game 6
Taldarim Altar is the map. 6 for 6 on maps selection woot. MC spawning in the bottom Left, Puma spawning in the Bottom Right. Standard play from both sides. MC going for a fast Twilight Council. Blink is coming down, and no Dark Templar Shrine so probably a big Blink Stalker push. MC appliues alot of pressure, and really delays the mineral line with alot of early game Blink stalker pressure. 21 workers killed several of which were Mules. Stimpack has been delayed, Charge now on its way and MC expanded behind all this pressure. and is now grabbing his Templar Archives and is grabbing storm. Both players are now expanding to thier 3rd. No storm coming out, but Archons are on thier way. Ghosts are also being made. MC defends against Pumas first drop pretty easily. Storm is now on its way, as well as a 4th base for MC. No concussive shell is out, Storms go odd as Puma enganges, MC is forced to retreat, this could be it for MC, he loses his army, but a great lag spike causes me to miss how he turns it around!!!! Puma is pushed back, a great storm goes off and MC is alla round the map picking of anything he can. but a drop from puma picks off MC's 3rd, MC doing a great job at defednig it now, MC picks off a big drop! MC storms another drop Feed backs go off, Archons charging in, Puma engage but is severely at a desadvantage, Immortals in play, MC is forced back, but he is still leading in the food count, so much going on, so much lag, its getting bad.....Another big pickoff from MC stalkers take out one, feedback on the other. MC is at 200 army, Puma at 120 at the 27 min mark. Still no concussive shell is out. MC is cleaning up Puma. Puma trying to drop but it does nothing. Puma gg's and mc takes the series to 3-3. INCREDIBLE PLAY, CMON MC!!!!You can do it!!!!!!!

Game 7
Last match! Map is Crevasse! Spawn points are on the Left side of the map. MC in the bottom and Puma in the top. Early expansion going down. MC going for a 3 gate Proxy Pylon push but it doesnt do so well and is rebuffed. He loses alot of units, and only Marines and SCV's in his opponents base to hold it off. Puma going heavy Bio, Concussive Shell and Stimpack going down. Twighlight council coming up, Food count is 88-72 in favor of Puma. Puma engages, Forcefields so well, and holds off Pumas attack, he loses almost everything and MC is back in this game. Chargelots in, 6 gateways down, and no Medivacs yet, but Ghosts are in play. Dark Shrine is now coming up. Food counts are now about even, but Puma takes the advantage again and MC loses a big part of his army after trying to push up.3rd bases are coming up and Dark Templars do sneak in. Puma has very little detection and MC has alot of map control. Puma pushes out, takes out the proxy Pylon and the Ghosts of Puma EMP the sentries of MC and MC loses his army and gg's, Puma is the NASL Champion!

NASL Grand Finals Day 3 July vs Sen

Day 3 3rd place match
Sen vs July
This will be the last Best of 5 series, I am unsure of the maps that will be used.

Game 1
First map will be Crossfire. Both players opting in for a Economic build by placing early Hatcheries. They are pretty much mirroring each other with their pools and extractors going down. Sen opting in for Banelings and July is going Roaches, the same unit comp and build he did against Moon. Sen also going Roaches now. He tries to attack with Roaches and Banelings but is rebuffed but July's massive amounts of Roaches. July pushes in and is streaming in reinforcements to Sens natural and Sen gg's.

Game 2
Map is Shattered Temple. Close by Air positions are spawned in the north. Same builds are before, but July goes Banelings this time first, and Sen follows up shortly there after. But Sen is grabbing alot of Zerglings really early on. 24 on their way out right now. And July has a few Banelings that get thwarted by Sens excellent unit Micro. Neither side takes an advantage still though as both continue to build up. Something of note is that no real Creep spread is going on. July has made alot of Roaches again, and Sen creating alot of Spine Crawlers and Roaches to help hold July's attack, armies look pretty even, Sen loses alot to the Banelings but holds Julys attack off due to the +1 Attack for Sen. July looks to be making another attack with the same unit comp, Roaches and Banelings are on thier way in again, Banelings go off, Roaches charge in and spine Crawlers from July rush in as well and begin to burrow, but Sen plays very well and holds it off. July gg's and Sen will take game 2. 1-1 is the score.

Game 3
Map is Taldarim Altar. Both players spawning on the East sides, Sen up top, July on bottom Sen favoring some early aggression and forgoes the early Hatch for a Pool. He applies some early pressure to pick off a few drones and also places a Baneling Nest down. Both players favoring Zerglings, and July decides to counterattack and take out all the defending Zerglings of Sen as well as a Queen. It appears July is going all in and just rallies all future Zerglings to Sens Natural, Sen responds by making alot of Banelings, clears up Julys Zerglings and decides to make a counterattack with Banelings and Zerglings. Its not looking good, but he manages to sneack past Julys defenses and clears up the Mineral line of July's main July is now on the defensive and has half the food of Sen, 42 to 22.  July's 2 Spinecrawlers are still up, but Sen has alot of Zerglings on the field with alot more on the way July decides to wall off with an Evo Chamber and a Roach Warren, but Sen sneaks in again and picks off Julys main. July has to gg as his economy is just crippled, Sen will take game 3. Sen now leads 2-1.

Game 4
Map is Crevasse. Players Spawn in the North, July in the East, Sen in the West. Sen will take his Natural early and July will take his protected. Both players again playing standard, no cheese. In fact the only cheesy plays we have seen in this entire tournament has been from Puma. July decides to attack with some early Zerglings and Roaches, Sen trys to pick them off, but the Roaches do extra damage to Zerglings and Sen is forced to retreat. July is building up and breaks down the rocks and makes it into Sens base with no resistance, Sen decides to go for a base trade and charges in, July loses his zerglings and only have a few Roaches left. Sen clears up both bases of units and July has lost all Hatcheries. July sends in a few Roaches, a very wierd game going on its 5 Roaches vs 12 Zerglings 10 vs 14 food. Sen clears up that base and July has 0 food left vs 8 of  Sen, Sen takes game 4 and the 3rd place title.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

NASL Grand Finals Day 2 Quarter Finals MC vs Sen

Day 2 Match 6
Sen vs MC

Game 1
Taldarim Altar is the first map. Sen graciously asks MC to not 3-0 him lol, MC obliges and says, ok 3-1. MC throws down a 15 Nexus before Sen grabs his Hatchery, instead opting in for a Spawning pool. Forge is down and Cannons do follow. MC does completely wall himself in, so Sen may Baneling bust, and MC may go Voidrays as MC throws down a Stargate, but nothing is determined yet. Sen continues to Drone up. Sen places a semi ninja expansion at his 4th. MC scouts his main and 3rd with his Voidray and does discover that 4th early on, but is unable to take it down as Spore Crawlers are up. MC favoring a bit of air units trys to go in, but Sen catches him off gaurd as Hydras are now on the field. He loses his Void Ray, but still has alot of Phoenixs. Charge and more gateways are on their way, Infestors for Sen and the food counts are about even at 120 at the 12 min mark. Zealots charge in, as well as Phoenixs now that Charge is ready and clears up those Hydras. He applies pressure on that 4th, but no clear winner comes out of this. MC moving for Storm and a Robo, while Sen moves into Banelings with Zerglings and Hydras and Infestors. He is also taking his 4th base and MC has his 3rd established. Massive amounts of Banelings are being made, and no Colossus are on the map. MC'd 4th base is on its way. Both armies are now maxed at the 18 min mark. Storms drive the Zerglings back and kill so many, Blink is in effect, and Sen should have won that encounter Bu MC comes out on top. MC applies some Blink Stalker pressure at the 4th base of Sen and it causes Sen to eventually lose his Zergling army, Sen gg's and MC takes game 1.

Game 2
Backwater Gulch is the map, MC spawns int he top Right corner, and Sen in the Bottom left. Pretty standard play, MC does a 1 Gate Expand and places a Stargate down as well. Starts bringing in more gateways as well and a Void Ray. Sen is wanting to go Roaches but still has alot of Zerglings, Artosis then drops a Hammer MC joke much to the crowds dismay. 3 Voidrays are out but Sen holds it off. Sen has decided to take his 3rd as his gold, but MC doesnt discover that till well after its down and established. It looks like MC is going to go Colossus, very interesting play and we are going to see a very diverse unit composition. Baneling nest is on its way in. Sens economy is soaring ahead. MC is falling behind in minerals and in food. 170-140 at the 13 min mark. Sen is even taking his 4th base, but he still has not revealed his Colossus. He goes for an engagement and manages his units very well and clears out the initial army of Sen, but Sen counters with his queens help and pushes him back, until they fall off creep, and MC pushes him back, but it is 4 bases vs 2 for MC. MC is microing his army very well, but i dont think it will be enough. This will probably be the last engagement for this match and MC is keeping his Colossus alive, but it doesnt work and MC gg's, Sen ties the series 1-1.

Game 3
Xelnage Caverns is the next map, MC spawning at the bottom. Standard play again, no out of the ordinary Korean Tactics. MC looking to expand and has alot of Zealots early on, looking to delay the Hatchery, but doesn't work quite well and he is forced to retreat. Sen picks the 3 Zealots off. MC grabs his expansion, and a Twilight council. Sen is upgrading his Melee attack, so probably a Baneling bust coming out. Dark Shrine is also on it way, and no Lairs for Overseers to detect it, but Sen reads him well and places 2 Spore Crawlers down for detection and also gets his 3rd base up at the gold. MC is not looking to be in good position as the 2 Dark Templar he created were quickly picked off with no value coming from them. MC transitions into some more Gateways and is looking to take his 3rd. Sen is looking to be in great position again. MC trys to move in, but Forcefields the Banelings and maintains his unit count,  and takes out a few units, he is still trailing Sen in food and trys to push in again, but he loses his Zealots and the Zerglings surround  the Blink Stalkers. Again no clear victor in these engagements, but Sen is still in the lead overall. 150-120 food at the 15 min mark. Sen decided to push MC's 3rd, blows his Nexus and Baneling drops MC's army. MC loses his army and his natural and gg's allowing Sen to take the series 2-1.

Game 4
Map is Terminus RE. MC spawning in the North, Sen in the West. They loaded the wrong map, RESTART!!!

Map is Terminus RE, MC spawning in the East, Sen in the North. No wierd shenaniganes, both players place down their expansions at 18. Sen takes his 3rd at the 5 min mark, and MC throws a Stargate down, followed by a Void Raw, Sen get his Hydra Den down as well, knowing MC has been liking this VoidRay play, he manages to take down 2 Queens, but loses his Void Ray, but in Response, MC makes alot of phoenixs and starts picking off Overlords and picks up his own third in the process. Corrupters are on thier way with some Mutalisks, Not sure what kind of unit comp MC is going for as he is relying on his Phoenix harrasment. Sen making alot of Zerglings and MC going for Templars with Storm with lots of Gateways warped in and established. Hes made alot of Zealots and Sentries. MC moves out and takes his 4th, Sen is leading in army count by about 20, but Sen sneaks in the back and gets his Mutas Stormed and lsoes his ground army i think(video stuttered) and pushes forward, MC now in the food lead, 200 to 180. Sen grabs his Hive and both players are now on 4 bases. Sen tries to assult the 4th but is rebuffed, and now morphs in 74 Zerglings and 30 Banelings to try and suicide that 4th, and it works, MC lsoes his 4th. Stream lag takes its toll and  have no idea whats going on. Food counts look to be the same as the stream stabilizes. Infestors are now in play and MC is looknig to take out the 4th, and he almost does it, but he loses alot of units, but takes out the ground army of Sen as well, an almost even exchange, but Sens 4th is still up. MC looking to keep up the pressure, his food count his higher than Sen, but MC looking to bring in Colossus But Sen is taking his 5th and 6th base. Stream is really laggy right now. MC mass produces Colossus, 3 at a time, and is up to 6. He is maxed out, using storms, and taking out the Banelings even after the losses, both players are still even. but is staying close to the Front lines, however Broodlords are now on the Map, and voidrays are being produced in response to this. 3 Robos, Lots of Gateways, and 3 Stargates for mass production of units. MC still hasnt expanded to his 5th yet, which is bad, his economic deisadvantage will catch up with him sonner or later., ah now he takes his 5th. Voidrays in, lots of Broodlos are in as well and they get caught out of position, the broodlords and he is losing them fast. He keeps losing them to the 10 Void Rays and MCs ground army is charging in All sen has now is Zerglings. and bringing in Infestors. Sen keep Fungal Growthing the Void Ray mass and they are now in the Yellow after all that. Sens 4th base is down, 5th base jsut fell, and MC's ground army is staying back and defending his 5th base. Void Rays are going for the 6th bue hes losing them to the Fungal Growths. Sen takes a huge economic shot and is not behind, food count is 195 - 100 at the 32 min mark. Storms, Collossus, and Stalkers are moving in and MC finishes Sen off. He takes the series 2-2.

Game 5
Last game of this Best of 5 will be played on Metalopolis and Players are spawned in Closer by air positions in the bottom. Standard play again, Both players expanding early. More stargate play from MC coming up.followed by a Void Ray. Roaches coming in, but no Lair for Hydras. Sen does have an Evo Chamber though, food is at 60 each at the 8 min mark. The Void Ray is rebuffed and Spore Crawlers as well. Sens third is now up and running. and a Macro Hatch so Sen is on 4 hatches and 3 bases defending very well against the 5 Phoenixs and 1 Void Ray from MC. MC responds by taking his 3rd and is able to hold it even as Sen trys to scout it. Send responds and begins teching up very heavily and sends his Phoenxis for harrasment. Sen try to take his 4th gold, but it is scouted by MC and he tries to take it down, but Sen defends so well against it by canceling and replacing the hatch with 4 Queens and a spore Crawler at the Gold. Sen takes this advantage and places his 5th and 6th base down. Both armies are approching max. MC is not taking any more expansions and almost loses his army but some well managed unit control lets him save that battle. Sen does a drop in a mineral line and takes out a few Probes but nothing big. MC takes his Gold and is positioning himself near Sens Gold. Dark Templars are taking out Hatches, Armies are engagning again, but MC keeps coming out on top. Most battles are taking place near the Gold, Sen loses his Gold, his 5th, and his 6th, the 3rd of Sen is under attack, and MC is still pushing forward. food count is now 160 for MC 120 for Sen. MC still in the lead. Both sides take huge damage and back out, but Sen takes alot more damage in my oppinion. MC taking his 4th, and is researching Storm. Broodlords are in play now, but MC still outnumbters Sen, he Blinks underneath the Broodlords and takes the victory, MC will take the win 3-2. Way to go MC!

MC vs Puma tomorrow! Epic Epic Matches!!!!

NASL Grand Finals Day 2 Select vs MC

Day 2 Match 4
Select vs MC

Metalopolis, Crevasse, Typhon Peaks

Game 1
Cross positions on this map, Left vs Right. Select is opting in for a quick expansion while MC is going for the standard play, no deviation on his opening that is typical among all Protoss. He does sneak in a Twilight Council and a Dark Shrine afterwards, with not clear way for Select to detect it, MC has a great chance to deal damage, but Select has a great read on his opponent and builds detection right as the Dark Templar arrives. MC see that and expands behind it, proceeding to do the same as his opponent and macro and tech up. Ghosts are coming into play as well as a Robo Facility. Select seems to be getting upgrades for Marines and Mauraders and will be going for the typical Marine, Marauder, Medivac Mix. Charge on its way in which will help out quite a bit, as well as Storm which is on its way. MC places 6 gateways down vs a 2 base timing push from select that is primarily the Bio Ball. Forcefields go off, Emps go off, but the Zealots are absorbing all that damage. The exchange ends up being about even as MC loses all his Zealots. Both armies regroup, and as Select is preparing to take his third MC has already set up a Proxy Pylon to spot when this one will come, and when he sees it he sends his army to harrass and it works out and the Proxy Pylon is spared and is able to replenish the army that is not clearing out the third, and on its way to the Natural of Select. Select gg's and MC takes game 1.

Game 2
Players spawn on the right sides of Crevasse, MC on top, Select on bottom. Select opts in for a double early expansion. MC looking again to do a very standard play on this map with an early expansion himself in the protected area. We will defintely be seeing some drop play, or should, even though the third Barracks is going down. MC again grabbing a Robo Facility, but only for Observers, that has been all hes been using it for in all his games. MC grabs his third base and a Twilight Council with 2 Stargates, MC is grabbing any and everything. Charge coming up, +1 armor on it way as well, and a pair of Phoenix's. Select again appaears to be favoring the Bio Death Ball of Marines Mauarders Medivacs. Ghosts coming out as well, and No storm, im worried that because he has no storms to help do damage. But now I think I see wht he pted in for Phoneixis, Crevasse allows for macro play with easily defendable expansions, IF your opponent doesnt do drop play, which Protoss dont most of the time, but Terrans do almost every game, Phoneixs were built to allow him to stay powerful and Mobile, MC decides to push in with 10 phonexis and Zealots with Sentries, Forcefields go off, segment the army and cleans it up, but very little of his ground army remains and his Phoenixs are out of energy, but MC with 3 bases is clearly in the lead. Phoneixs come poking in picking off Medivacs. Storm play is on its way in and heavy Zealots with +2 armor on the way. Select still favoring the Bio Deathball and Medivacs keep getting picked off, Select wants to charge in and an engagement happens, zealots and Archons are eliminated but so are the Marines for Select and the Phoenixs again remain. The food count is still even, but MC is now on 4 bases with Select jsut not saturating his 4th, but is leading the harvestor count by 20. Great storms go off and MC's forces get cut in half, and another engagement causes another draw between these two players. MC is jsut not hitting 200 while select is hitting 151, but his bases are drying up. MC is taking his 6th and is assulting Selects 5th, No medivacs means his units are slowly dying, Zealots in Selects main, 5th base down, main army gone, Select is looking to be out classed in this matchup. And now MC is bringing in Collossus and more Zealots, one last engagment puts the nail in the coffin and Select gg's, MC is now in the Semifinals.........

Great job MC!! He will be up against Sen next, and I think he will have no trouble in that match as PvZ is my Favorite matchup and both of these players are TITANS in thier respective races, Truly and Epic match will happen again today.

NASL Grand Finals Day 2 Sen vs Darkforce

Day 2 Match 3
Sen vs Darkforce
Metalopolis, Crevasse, Typhon Peaks

Game 1
Another ZvZ on Metalopolis in cross positions, left and right, and Darkforce opens up with a 10 pool and Sen is going for the long term game play, no pool down for Sen and Darkforce already has 6 Zerglings out, but Sen holds it off very well even though he lost quite a few Drones. Darkforce going for Banelings and forces Sen to stay on guard. Sen also goes Banelings and walls his ramp off with a pair of Queens. Both players just macroing up now, building mainly drones and gearing up for the mid-game. Both palyers grab Zerglings and Roaches and try to engage but Sen ends up coming out slightly better than Darkforce and Sen takes his 3rd. Sen continues to build up Roaches and attacks Darkforce at his Natural and the exchange is clearly in favor of Sen and Darkforce gg's out. Sen takes game 1.

Game 2
Creveasse spawn points are both at the top, left and right respectively. Both players seem to be playing very simirlaly but Darkforce grabs his naturals expansion while Sen grabs his protected Natural. Darkforce looking to favor Banelings again and Sen going for more Zerglings and it costs him as a Baneling gets a good hit off and Darkforce manages to sneak a Baneling in and before they even explode, Sen gg's knowing full well it was game over. score is tied 1-1.

Game 3
Map starts out with both players spawning on the left hand side on Typhon Peaks, Sen on top, Darkforce on bottom. Both players playing simiraly, no expansion, and favoring some early Zerglings for a very defensive type of play. Darkforce again favoring Banelings, while Sen is grabbing Roaches, this match is looking to be similiar to game one, but Darkforce manages to sneak in a few Banelings into the mineral line, so Darkforce expands to help push this game into a more long term play. Sen decides to go for a 1 base timing push and puts a Baneling nest down and starts mining more gas. Darkforce makes a push with a huge amount of Zerglings and Roaches but Sen brilliantly holds it off with some great transfuses, he finishes off the attack and Darkforce is down and on the run, Sen pushes and clears up Dark forces attack, his natural, and he gg's, Sen takes game 3, and the series, 2-1. Sen will be up against Select or MC next.

NASL Grand Finals Quarter Finals Day 2 July vs Puma

Day 2 Match 5
I am unaware of this map pool, but i can be fairly certain Terminus will be apart of this. I love Terminus

Note maps are:
Taldarim Altar
Backwater Gulch
Xelnaga Caverns
Terminus RE(i knew it)

Game 1
The map is Taldarim Altar, and this starts the first Best of 5 Series for the day. Cross Positions are spawned, bottom left, July, Top Right, Puma. Typical and standard from both players, 15 Hatch, Puma going for a Factory early on and a Starport shortly there after. Helions in play and provide some harrasment, I assume they did some damage, as Artosis had a bit of a nerdgasm, but i could not see anything a the video stuttered while it happened. 6 Helions up as well as a Banshee and a Viking on its way as well. July going for Lair tech now, but still no clear sign of what unit composition hes going for as he is playing very defensively. More helion harras happens, but he loses them i think, video is really laggy, i cant seem to see what actually happens, just hearing whats going on from Tastetosis. 3 Base is going down for July, and Puma is going for the typical Tank and Marine mix while grabbind Medivacs and Banshees to buy him time. July opting in for Mutalisks, but there is not quite enough to do much at the 12 min mark. Puma tries a few drops and loses a few but nothing big that can turn the tide of the game, food count is July 160-126 Puma at the 15 min mark. July really has alot of Drones and Zerglings and is grabbing his 4th base while Puma is waiting to take his 3rd. Banelings are also in play and get a few good shots on some marines and Julys Zerglings charge in with Mutalisks right into Pumas main and defend against Pumas coutner at Julys on natural. Puma gg's and July will take game 1.

Game 2
The 2nd match will be on Backwater Gulch. July still has to win 2 more games to advance to the Grand Finals. Both players start off very similarly. Spawn points are bottom left and right. Puma even going early reactor on Helion again, but drops a second Facttory down to change it up. July still going Zerglings and grabbing his second gas at the 6 min mark. Double Factory with Reactors is now down and 4 Helions on thier way out, with 4 more already starting some harrassment. Puma expands behind this and a Lair is now coming out. 10 Helion s on the map and roasting any Zerglings in his way, He even takes out 2 Queens, and 35 workers. July only has 12 supply left to the 62 of Puma. July gg's and Puma takes game 2. we are now 1-1.

Game 3
Both players now have to win 2 more games each. Xelnaga Caverns is the map and we have Cross spawn positions(lolz). Puma at the bottom, July on top. Standard play again, 15 hatch, and now Puma puts a tech lab down instead of a reactor like hes done in the last 2 games. Puma throws his Command Center down and throws down 2 more Factories. Maybe the same unit comp, maybe something slightly different. A reaper is out, but doesn't do much damage. Blue Flame is being research, more helions as well. Blue flame arrives jsut as Helions arrive and roasts 17 Drones. Helion production continues as well as Tanks and Marines. Roaches are now in play and a 3rd factory on its way. Lots of mech play in this as siege mode is on its way in as well. Exciting play all before the 9 min mark. More helions come in and kill quite a few more drones. Macro Hatchery on its way in as well. Tanks Helions and Marines looks to be the unit comp, i cant remember but this could be the iEchoic build. 4th Hatchery going down at the 3rd and Puma is putting his 3rd Command center down. Economically, both players are about on par. Food counts are the same, but Puma is retaining map control. Helions continue to kill drones. 40 drones killed so far at the 15 min mark. Roaches are all July has to react to this. Stimpack, Weapons upgrade, and Combat shield gets upgrade as well, and Banelings are now in play. Puma's 3rd turns out to be the gold which means Puma is surging ahead. July really has to pull ahead some way as his only advantage lies in his numbers at this point, but that advantage will soon be lost, 184 for july and 168 for puma at the 16 min mark. Mass amounts of Banelings clean up the Marines of Puma, but July loses everything and July will go ahead and gg after this match. Puma takes the series 2-1.

Game 4
Terminus RE is the map and Jluy Spawns int he south, and Puma in the west. Puma goes for a 2 racks opening and July is going for fast Zerglings instead of a Hatchery first. Looks to be an early Bunker Rush and July miss micromanages  his units as the Bunker comes down and the zerglings are destroyed, but Puma makes a mistake, doesnt place the Bunker, and the SCV's are killed, but the Marines are still in play. 5 Marines are now attacking but mass amounts of Zerglings are forming, surrounding the Marines and allowing the Hatchery to finish. July gains map control and begins macroing up. Factory with Tech lab coming up, Puma is walled in so not much can happen. Puma is favoring Marines but Stimpack still is not out yet. July is going to grab alot of zerglings to try and push him back, and succeeds in surrounding those marines and picks them all off, Food counts are still even at the 11 min mark, 65-65. 3rd Hatchery on its way, as well as Banelings and an evo Chamber, but no Roaches can be seen, cant even tell if he has the Warren down. Spire is on its way though, and Mutalisks shortly thereafter. Puma favoring Tanks and Marines and Medivacs. Neither player still has an advantage. Puma moves out, loses half his marines to Banelings, and some siege tanks, but also kills the Mutalisks so another even exchange and niether player seems to be in the lead. Puma puts down his third now, and both players continuing to stick with this unit comp. Puma makes a drop and gets a few drone kills, but loses the drop and trys to charge in from the main way, loses his army but destroys the army of July and reinforcements come in, and help out Puma. He keeps on the pressure and eventually July gives in and gg's. Puma 3-1 July and is now in the finals! COMPLETE SURPISE! Congratz Puma!!!

NASL Grand Finals Day 2 July vs Moon

Day 2 Match 2
Moon vs July

Metalopolis, Crevasse, Typhon Peaks

Game 1
First ZvZ of the day and its between 2 incredible players in cross positions. July opens up with a 10 pool and sneaks some zerglings in, but Moon holds it off. He counterattacks and takes out a few drones, but the food count for both players are very similar. No clear advantage is being taken with small skirmishes here and thier until finally July pushes in with roaches and Moon responds with a mass of Banelings, but they dont do enough damage and the Roaches break Moons defenses and takes the game.

Game 2
Both players spawn in North and South positions on the right side of the map Crevasse. Both players early expand so we are looking at a longer game. Moon seems to be going for some Banelings while July continues to macro up. July is caught off guard with Zergling and Banelings coming in and only Roaches to defend. He loses a few drones but not enough to take a lead, however a second attempt allows him to gain the lead after 14 total drones have now been killed. Both players proceed to now generate higher amounts of units but July walls off and builds up mass Roaches just like in Game one. Moon cannot hold it, loses his drones, army, queens and he gg's. July takes game 2.

NASL Grand Finals Day 2 Puma vs Squirtle

Match 1 Day 2
Puma vs Squirtle

Metalopolis, Crevasse, Typhon Peaks

Game 1
First map is Metalopolis, and players spawn in southern close air positions. Both players are playing pretty standard. Puma going for Tanks and Marines on one base and Protoss going early expand with Stalkers. However Puma is going for a one base all in and sends 75% of his Scvs in to help absorb the damage and take Game 1. Puma takes it 1-0.

Game 2
Crevasse is a macro oriented map so we will definitely see a long game. Both players expand to their protected nautrals, and get the typical buildings, Puma however seems to be favoring Marines for now, but throws down a Factory. Squirtle decides going for a 7 gateway push with a Proxy Pylon, but it gets spotted and shut down. Squirtle is favoring units more than upgrades and attempts to break the front door by sending a Hallucinated Warp prism to the back to create a distraction and it doesnt work, but Squirtle still manages to break through, destroys the Bunkers, the defending troops and takes game 2, GO SQUIRTLE!!!!

Game 3
This map, Typhon Peaks is another macro oriented map most of the time, but at times it can create some interesting timing pushes. Cross positions have been spawned and Puma puts down a Tech lab on his Barracks, but cancels it after its scouted by Squirtle in favor of Factory and Starport units. Squirtle throws down a Twilight Council and a Dark Shrine, and also expands. He spawns a few in and gets in 2 Dark Templars with no way for Puma to detect it as he Muled and scanned pretty heavily before they went in. Puma loses quite a few SCV's but Squirtle loses some workers as well. Puma drops again into the mineral line and pushes in as well and causes Squirtle to lose now 47 workers against the 27 Squirtle was able to kill for Puma. The drop plays continue and Squirtle looks to be losing all map control as he is forced to stay in his base. Puma makes a push at the main, but it gets forcefielded and seperated by Squirtle and now Squirtle regains map control and pushes in but as he sees what hes up against in Pumas main, he falls back. Drops continue from Puma continue.

Wow some incredible play just happens Templar are now in play with storm, Pumas third is a Planetary Fortress. Emp is also used, They go off, Forcefields go off, Squirtle blocks Puma in his base, storms the remnants, eliminates the natural, trys to push back, but Puma drops in Squirtles main and eliminates alot of probes, crippling the economy of Squirtle and Puma catches him off guard and out of position he is forced to retreat, but creates more templars to help defend Pumas next push, it holds it off, but Puma Drops AGAIN back in his main, even though Squirtle is able to gain the advantage in the field, the combinded economic disadvantage and the drop in his main, Squirtle is forced to GG, Puma moves on with a 2-1.

HOLY SHIT those were good games.

NASL Grand Finals Day 2 Starts in just 30 minutes!!!

I'm hoping to see some Best of 5's today. Yesterday was best of three, but if they mimic the GSL's format in anyway, the Quarterfinals and Semifinals will be Best of 5's. Also, out of all the matches yesterday, I have to say the MC vs Boxer match was my favorite. MC just played an awesome game with Archons, Templar, and Stalkers. We got some good matches today, even though half the Protoss players are now eliminated. Only Squirtle and MC remain. But on the bright side, only 2 Terrans are still in the running. Nice change from what we see in the GSL(98% Terrans). Out of the original 8, only 4 Zerg remain. So we will have 2 ZvZ's, and 2 PvT's First match of the day will be Puma vs Squirtle.


NASL Standings

NASL Grand Finals Day 1 Boxer vs MC

Match 7
Boxer vs MC

Game 1
Mc vs Boxer, an incredible match im sure is about to be seen. I have been up very late watching these games and cannot wait to see the results. Both players began very standard like, however MC sneaks a scout in and builds an early Stargate for most likely Voidrays. Boxer trys some early pressure with a few bio units and MC trys getting a Proxy Pylon but it almost gets sniped, however the Voidray makes its debut with the single round of warped in units as well as units from MC's main. Boxer loses his initial units and is forced to pull SCV's while more units are getting warped in. MC is surging forward and boxer is losing ground and his expansion and not enough units to defend. Boxer has 15 units and MC has 65 at the ten minute mark, and Boxer GG's so MC will take Game 1.

Game 2
Boxer opts in for an 15 Command Center with MC going standard play. MC responds by expanding himself. MC continues to concentrate on his economy and macro while Boxer concentrates on getting a very Robust unit Composition. MC looks to want to use Gateway units primarily while Boxer looks to want to stick with a Marine, Maurader, Medivac composition. MC looking to shake things up throws a Dark Council down and grabs a few Archons and gain map control. Both players are constructing their third base. Boxer attempts a drop but nearly loses it after its spotted early. Boxer using EMP to take out shields, but MC Storms the marines into near death, so the exchange cancels itself out. Another exchange at MC's 3rd allows MC to take the lead but takes meage shield damage on 4 archons from emps and is forced let them recharge. MC charges in and takes out Boxers 3rd but loses his army. He attempts to stop the counterattack, but some great emps from Boxer causes MC to lose his army again. Boxers economy has really suffered and is trying to take the gold expansion. I think he was hoping to finish it then, but underestimated MC's economy. Boxer moves to Mc's 4th and takes it down, but is trapped my Mc's Army and loses his ghosts and his army. Both players just looking to build up, but MC is able to rebuild faster and goes on the offense far sooner than Boxer is able too. Boxer continues to hold him off with excellent unit control, but MC is now 200/200 and 114 for Boxer, Boxer loses his army, and his 3rd. and MC takes it 2-0. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

NASL Grand Finals Day 1 Select vs White-Ra

Match 7
Select vs White-Ra

Game 1
Very fast game, Whitera does a typical 3 gate opener into Dark Templar and Select goes Marine Maurader mix. easily held off if you can get your forcefields off correctly. But he missed it slightly and Select moves up his ramp and into his base to take game 1.

Game 2
In this game Select ops in for an Early expand and WhiteRa looks to be doing something very typical. But he attempts to do some early pressure with his initial Zealot and Stalker and almost pays for it in the counterattack Select attempts but Whitera holds it off. He proceed to go for an expansion and Colossus, and Select goes for a large bio force that could possibly transition into Tanks or Vikings. Vikings it looks to be as both begin macroing up and getting their ideal army compostions up to speed. Food supply has been about even the whole time. White Ra discovers Select is trying to take the gold, but loses his colossus and his army in an attempt to snipe it. White ra is now behind and needs to pull something very clever out of his ass if he wants to come out of this in a better position. So White ra wonders into his opponents base with some colossus to try and hold his own but it wasnt enough and White Ra gg's. Select takes the series 2-0.

NASL Grand Finals Day 1 Alive vs Darkforce

Match 6
Alive vs Darkforce

Game 1
Well its not a Protoss match, but its not a mirror matchup either. Terran vs Zerg always offer interesting play. Alive opens up with a 2 Barracks into a Bunker Rush, and Darkforce holds it off with no loss to economy or timings. This rush didn't even effect him. Alive is gearing up to expand with Siege mode and Darkforce begins droning up and favoring mass Zergling and expanding to his 3rd. Alive brings a drop in and attacks his 3rd as its coming up and severely delays Darkforces economy. He continues the two pronged attacks and eventually forces Darkforce to gg.

Game 2
This game opens up the same way as before, but Alive positions his Bunker Rush much better and Darkforce handles the situation poorly. Darkforce loses more Zerglings than need be, but still holds it off and is allowed to continue to macro up. Unit Compositions right now are Marines vs Zerglings with Alive looking to take the advantage in power, but no altercations occur as the two players begin to tech up. Siege mode is on its way so more Tanks are on their way as well as Spires, Roaches, and Banelings. Alive attempts a few drops, but no two pronged attacks as before, so the drops do very little, but DarkForce lucks out as Alive is caught unprepared for speed banelings and Darkforce jumps ahead. Both players continue to engage and build their unit comp up. Neither player is gaining a clear advantage as they both jump ahead and fall behind in the food count. Eventually Darkforce starts creeping ahead as he picks off several drops with his Mutalisks. Both players continue to macro up and Mutalisk harassment never ceases. Broodlords are on their way in and Infestors are spread across the map. An engagement happens at Alives Gold but nothing definte happens, he loses the gold, but both players are still at 200/200. Another big battle happens and some great Fungal Growths go off and Alive loses half his force, but Darkforce loses his Broodlords so both players end up in a Draw for that battle. However Darkforce's economy is far better and is back up close to 200 while Terrans are still at 134. Darkforce rushes in, but loses his economic advantage when a two pronged attack comes at both his expansions. But Alive is mined out and is not generating any resources. But Darkforce still does not have a clear lead until Darkforce pushes with his air force and begins clearing up Alives forces. Alive gg's later on to take the series 1-1.

Game 3
This game plays out very interesting as Alive goes for some fast Helions. And its not jsut 4 but 12 Helions coming in. Darkforce has some trouble but eventually holds it off and continues to tech up with Roaches. Darkforce makes a push and delays the mineral gathering, but still, same as the previous games, no clear advantage is being taken. Alive attempts some drops but nothing that works effectively. He transitions into Siege tanks and Thors, while Darkforce goes for his standard Baneling, Mutalisk, Roach, Zergling. Both players continue to macro up and poke and prod at each other to find a weakness. But finally Darkforce catches Alive out of position, takes out his tanks, banelings his Marines, and Fungal growths the remaining troops. Darkforce leaps ahead and starts taking full advantage of his well, advantage., He is getting his 5 saturated at the time Alive is getting his 4th. Darkforce finally uses a Nydus worm in Alives base to draw them out, but nothing happens with it. Both players are now maxed with alot of resources banked for each player. Darkforce let Alive jump back ahead by not applying any pressure. He uses a Corrupter and Broodlord Mix to break the Defensive Tank line of Alive and keeps pushing in gradually and falling back. Hes not committing to anything and both players continue to rebuild. Darkforce decides to do something drastic and morphs quite a few Broodlords into the game. Continues to apply pressure, whirling his opponent down. Darkforce played extremely safe and dragged this game out, but played so well. Alive GG's, a great series, Darkforce takes it 2-1!

Congratz Dark Force!

NASL Grand Finals Day 1 Sen vs Zenio

Match 5
Sen vs Zenio

Game 1
ZvZ is one of the more interesting Matchups. Both players start very similarly and go for the same unit composition, Zergling, Baneling, Roach. A great timing push from Zenio causes Sen to GG early on.

Game 2
This Game starts the same as before but Zenio favors an early Baneling nest for some kind of surprise while Sen begins prepping for some more Roach play. His Roach numbers are much higher and he attacks and Baits Zenio into attacking enough for him to clear out both mineral lines and Sen will take game 2.

Game 3
Wow, a match finally makes it to game 3! Shattered Temple is the map, and players spawn in Northern Close by Air positions. Sen goes for Roaches and Zerglings While Zenio goes for Zerglings and Spine Crawlers and Macros up for extra Defense and a better Economy. Sen decides to push in with his Roaches, just like last time and it worked very well. Sen takes the 3rd game and is the first non-Korean to advance to the next level.

NASL Grand Finals Day 1 Hasuobs vs Moon

Match 4
Hasuobs vs Moon

I gotta say, the games so far have been pretty epic, some of the best I have seen all Season. I am really hoping for a Protoss win here, with only 4 in the finals, we Brotoss need to stick together!

Game 1
Both players start out very standard, Moon opting in for a Pool first rather than a Hatchery, and Hasuobs is going for 3 Gate Sentry. Moon is favoring Roaches and Zerglings with a Hydra Den going down. Moon keeps trying to apply pressure with Zerglings but they are being rebuffed over and over again. Hasuobs continues to play very definsively, concentrating on teching rather than getting a big unit count. however Moons Hyrdas and Roachs catch Hasuobs units out of position and are able to take down half of Hasuobs force. Current food at the 13 min mark is 173 food for Moon to 93 for Hasuobs. Hasuobs now gains Blink while Moon is maxing out his army. Moon has 4 bases with one being Gold and Hasuobs has 3. Moon does a two Pronged attack by focusing both the 2nd and 3rd bases, Hasuobs fends it off but loses quite a few Colossus and the food count is still the same as it was before. His economy is just so far behind and he has no Immortals to help deal with the mass amount of Roaches Moon has been relying on. But Moon decides to make sure he is going to win this by making 140 Banelings and literally forces the Protoss army to evaporate. Moon takes game 1!

Game 2
Hasuobs opts in for a 1 gate expand into Stargate while Moon is preferring some mass Speedlings. Moon manages to pick off the Early Expand pretty easily and is poking in and prodding in every area he can, taking advantage of the slow movement speed of the Protoss. This continues for 7 min and now it is 5 bases of Moon vs the 2 of Hasuobs. Moon cleans it up and Moon takes it 2-0.

NASL Grand Finals Day 1 Morrow vs July

Match 3
Morrow vs July

As a big surprise, Morrow is actually playing as Terran so Match 3 will be a TvZ.

Game 1
Both players are going for early expansions and Morrow is wanting to grab some early Helions for some harassment with the only way for July to react is with Zerglings. He pushes the Helions back with some carefully controlled Zerglings, and then chooses to try to apply some pressure by sending his Zerglings down to make Morrow nervous. He eventually catches the Helions out of position and picks them off. July creates some Mutalisks for some mineral line harassment while Morrow continues along the line of Tanks and Marines. July begins taking his 3rd, and shortly after his 4th at the Gold. July continues to tech up by grabbing a Baneling nest and Morrow continues to up his Tank and Marine count with a few Thors to help out against the Mutas. July pushes in with his Banelings and takes out the tanks and most of the Marines. Several minutes later he does it again as Morrow attempts to take his gold, it quickly goes down as Morrow is delayed economically with that loss. July then pushes toward Morrows Natural and clears up the mineral line. But Morrow, with his bigger army, attempts to push out and begin applying pressure, but July already has 5 bases while Morrow is still on 2.

July begins grabbing some broodlords as he Baneling Busts Morrows new Gold base and takes it down. Broodlords are out and forcing Morrow to retreat. Morrows economy is shot to shit and July is moving to to finish off this game. Morrow eliminates the ground army of July and finishes off the Broodlords. But July is quick to rebuild and takes out the 3rd attempt of Morrow to take his Gold and Morrow GG's.

Game 2
The Match starts up pretty normal, July goes for a quick Baneling Bust and sneaks in quite a few Banelings to eliminate the Mineral line of Morrow. This delays him and he is forced to play very defensively. July's Speedlings are helping him maintain map control as he begins taking his third and starts transitioning into Mutalisks. He uses them for harrasment as Morrow transitions into Tanks and Marines. Morrows Defensive line is holding despite the Zergling, Baneling, Mutalisk Pressure being provided by July. Morrow is trying to grab some detection from Ravens but now burrowed Banelings are few and far between as Broodlords are getting morphed in and moved into position. Food count is 127 for Morrow and 186 for July as the next encounter takes place. The ground army is removed but the Broodlords are taken out and July takes the series again 2-0.

Great Job July!

NASL Grand Finals Day 1 Squirtle vs Sheth

Match 2
Squirtle vs Sheth

Game 1 has an incredible start with my fellow Brotoss, Squirtle, going for a 15 Nexus before Zerg even expands. Sheth does a typical opening favoring Zerglings while Squirtle favors Gateway units with Blink. He continues to hold off any pressure from Sheth and finally pushes and eliminates his 2nd and 3rd expansion to take game 1. Squirtle 1, Sheth 0

Game 2
Sheth starts out opening pretty standard while Squirtle opens with a 3 gate into expand. Sheth not only takes his natural early but goes for the gold Expansion on the Left side of the map as well. Squirtle hallucinates some extra stalkers and makes a push but scouts the hidden gold base just as he reaches Sheths Natural. He turns around and assaults it while a proxy Pylon is being made at the gold. Sheth loses the gold, but also his entire army, but now Squirtles Natural is established and safe. Sheth responds with getting a Spire up for some Mutalisks for harassment and buying time as he gets his gold setup again. Squirtle doesn't have much to respond to these Mutalisks as Blink is now researched. A Dark Shrine goes down but I'm not sure it will do much as there are Overseers already on the map. Sheth makes a push at Squirtles third base, he manages to sneak up the ramp and take out all sentries and buildings except the Nexus, but loses his entire ground army in the process. Both players begin to macro up hard and improve their unit count and upgrades. 

Storm tech is on its way in as well as Infestors and Banelings. Sheths Gold has helped him to gain the economic advantage and loads up overloads for Baneling drops, attacks at 2 naturals. The entire attack works and Squirtle loses, not 1, not 2 Probes, but 56 probes. Only 1 bases is mining with only 8 probes left. Squirtles Economy is shattered, with 114 food to 173 to Sheths total. Its 3 base agaisnt 4 with Sheth in the HUGE lead. This is a Great turnaround. Sheth loads up for another B52 Bomber run while his Mutalisks begin picking off buildings here and their. Blink Stalkers push em back as the main army of Sheth moves in to clear out the now established gold from Squirtle. Squirtle holds off this push with a Flood of Psi Storms and Sheth loses half his supply in army and in Overlords! Squirtle pushes and takes out Sheths 5th base Sheth attempts to continue to pick off buildings with his Mutalisks but loses them all as Squirtles army picks them off as they try to retreat. The game is at the 35 minute mark at this point, with every bases being taken. One last engagement with a flood of Storms and Archons mean the entire Zerg army is torn apart and Squirtle goes on to take game 2. Squirtle moves on to the finals and the 2nd Zerg player of 8 has been knocked out.

 Congratz Squirtle!!!

NASL Grand Finals Day 1 Ret vs Puma

Match 1
Ret vs Puma

Xel'naga Caverns, Crossfire SE, The Shattered Temple

Game 1 will be played on Xel'naga Caverns, a player favorite, but we wont get to enjoy this map for very long! Puma pulls out a Bunker rush, cleverly manuevers around the terrain and drones and forces a GG from Ret before the 6 minute mark...

Game 2 was played on Crossfire, a very interesting map with lots of choke points and no large area for big engagements. Puma ops in for more early aggression and not only gets some helions into Rets Main, but also a Banshee that caused some trouble. Ret is able to hold it off, but his economy has been shot, he tries to counter but there is no way to break the Terran wall. Puma then pushes with Tanks and Marines and it is just too much for Ret as he GG's. Ret is officially out of the tournament. 

Void Rays, Rebecca Black Parody!

If Banelings weren't enough to satiate your Nerd Alert appetite then check out the latest Video from Husky and Kurt Hugo Schnieder.

All I have to say is....We so excited....

NASL Grand Finals start in just a few hours!!!!

If you haven't yet, head on over to the North American Star League and buy your online pass today to catch all the action!

Watch live video from NASL Season One on

I will be providing live updates as I get them all weekend. I am sadly not at the event, but I will be watching as much of the games as possible!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

NASL Grand Finals this weekend!!!!

The Grand finals are finally upon us! This weekend, 15 of the best players will be competing for fame, glory, and cash! Strelok would have made 16, however due to some Visa issues, he was not able to participate in the live event. The event starts Friday. So here is the breakdown of the Races:

Zerg have a pretty good shot at taking the grand finals. In fact on the first day of the finals, there will only be 2 matchs in the first round that will not have a Zerg player, MC vs Boxer and Select vs White Ra. Unfortunately, all 4 of these players are in the same Bracket so only one of these monumental players will make it out. I have tried determining who will make it out of this bracket  and it is just too difficult. The quality of players are very high so it is very difficult to say who will make it to the Semifinals. But I can say that those matches will be the ones to watch. I am however fairly confident Sen and Morrow will make it to the finals, but Ret, Sheth will probably be seen up against each other.

I am going to possibly be at a watch party for this mega event on Sunday and will do my best to report the results as I see them.

Friday, June 10, 2011

NASL Finals

Well here is how the NASL Finals will look so far. There are already 6 players guaranteed to be duking it out among the top 16 players and they are:


Strelok, Squirtles, Select, and Ret's games have not been posted but even if they lose the next few weeks games, they will still be ahead and in the number 1 and 2 spots for their divisions.

As for Division 5, four players are still in the running and these are guaranteed to be the most exciting games of the season. They are Boxer, Zenio, Sen, and Idra. I forsee Boxer and Zenio in the top two spots with Sen coming up with a close 3rd position.

As for the other 5 spots, here are my predictions:
Ace or Nada

It all depends on the matchups.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

GSL May 2011 Grand Finals OGSInca vs Nestea results

And the winner is...


He took Inca 4-0 just like the Mavs did the Lakers....

This is the 2nd time I believe a Zerg was crowned champion of the GSL, the first being Fruitdealer back in December.

I hope this information helped out! It is so hard finding information on the GSL that is clear and to the point!