Friday, July 8, 2011

NASL Grand Finals Day 1 Ret vs Puma

Match 1
Ret vs Puma

Xel'naga Caverns, Crossfire SE, The Shattered Temple

Game 1 will be played on Xel'naga Caverns, a player favorite, but we wont get to enjoy this map for very long! Puma pulls out a Bunker rush, cleverly manuevers around the terrain and drones and forces a GG from Ret before the 6 minute mark...

Game 2 was played on Crossfire, a very interesting map with lots of choke points and no large area for big engagements. Puma ops in for more early aggression and not only gets some helions into Rets Main, but also a Banshee that caused some trouble. Ret is able to hold it off, but his economy has been shot, he tries to counter but there is no way to break the Terran wall. Puma then pushes with Tanks and Marines and it is just too much for Ret as he GG's. Ret is officially out of the tournament. 

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