Saturday, July 9, 2011

NASL Grand Finals Quarter Finals Day 2 July vs Puma

Day 2 Match 5
I am unaware of this map pool, but i can be fairly certain Terminus will be apart of this. I love Terminus

Note maps are:
Taldarim Altar
Backwater Gulch
Xelnaga Caverns
Terminus RE(i knew it)

Game 1
The map is Taldarim Altar, and this starts the first Best of 5 Series for the day. Cross Positions are spawned, bottom left, July, Top Right, Puma. Typical and standard from both players, 15 Hatch, Puma going for a Factory early on and a Starport shortly there after. Helions in play and provide some harrasment, I assume they did some damage, as Artosis had a bit of a nerdgasm, but i could not see anything a the video stuttered while it happened. 6 Helions up as well as a Banshee and a Viking on its way as well. July going for Lair tech now, but still no clear sign of what unit composition hes going for as he is playing very defensively. More helion harras happens, but he loses them i think, video is really laggy, i cant seem to see what actually happens, just hearing whats going on from Tastetosis. 3 Base is going down for July, and Puma is going for the typical Tank and Marine mix while grabbind Medivacs and Banshees to buy him time. July opting in for Mutalisks, but there is not quite enough to do much at the 12 min mark. Puma tries a few drops and loses a few but nothing big that can turn the tide of the game, food count is July 160-126 Puma at the 15 min mark. July really has alot of Drones and Zerglings and is grabbing his 4th base while Puma is waiting to take his 3rd. Banelings are also in play and get a few good shots on some marines and Julys Zerglings charge in with Mutalisks right into Pumas main and defend against Pumas coutner at Julys on natural. Puma gg's and July will take game 1.

Game 2
The 2nd match will be on Backwater Gulch. July still has to win 2 more games to advance to the Grand Finals. Both players start off very similarly. Spawn points are bottom left and right. Puma even going early reactor on Helion again, but drops a second Facttory down to change it up. July still going Zerglings and grabbing his second gas at the 6 min mark. Double Factory with Reactors is now down and 4 Helions on thier way out, with 4 more already starting some harrassment. Puma expands behind this and a Lair is now coming out. 10 Helion s on the map and roasting any Zerglings in his way, He even takes out 2 Queens, and 35 workers. July only has 12 supply left to the 62 of Puma. July gg's and Puma takes game 2. we are now 1-1.

Game 3
Both players now have to win 2 more games each. Xelnaga Caverns is the map and we have Cross spawn positions(lolz). Puma at the bottom, July on top. Standard play again, 15 hatch, and now Puma puts a tech lab down instead of a reactor like hes done in the last 2 games. Puma throws his Command Center down and throws down 2 more Factories. Maybe the same unit comp, maybe something slightly different. A reaper is out, but doesn't do much damage. Blue Flame is being research, more helions as well. Blue flame arrives jsut as Helions arrive and roasts 17 Drones. Helion production continues as well as Tanks and Marines. Roaches are now in play and a 3rd factory on its way. Lots of mech play in this as siege mode is on its way in as well. Exciting play all before the 9 min mark. More helions come in and kill quite a few more drones. Macro Hatchery on its way in as well. Tanks Helions and Marines looks to be the unit comp, i cant remember but this could be the iEchoic build. 4th Hatchery going down at the 3rd and Puma is putting his 3rd Command center down. Economically, both players are about on par. Food counts are the same, but Puma is retaining map control. Helions continue to kill drones. 40 drones killed so far at the 15 min mark. Roaches are all July has to react to this. Stimpack, Weapons upgrade, and Combat shield gets upgrade as well, and Banelings are now in play. Puma's 3rd turns out to be the gold which means Puma is surging ahead. July really has to pull ahead some way as his only advantage lies in his numbers at this point, but that advantage will soon be lost, 184 for july and 168 for puma at the 16 min mark. Mass amounts of Banelings clean up the Marines of Puma, but July loses everything and July will go ahead and gg after this match. Puma takes the series 2-1.

Game 4
Terminus RE is the map and Jluy Spawns int he south, and Puma in the west. Puma goes for a 2 racks opening and July is going for fast Zerglings instead of a Hatchery first. Looks to be an early Bunker Rush and July miss micromanages  his units as the Bunker comes down and the zerglings are destroyed, but Puma makes a mistake, doesnt place the Bunker, and the SCV's are killed, but the Marines are still in play. 5 Marines are now attacking but mass amounts of Zerglings are forming, surrounding the Marines and allowing the Hatchery to finish. July gains map control and begins macroing up. Factory with Tech lab coming up, Puma is walled in so not much can happen. Puma is favoring Marines but Stimpack still is not out yet. July is going to grab alot of zerglings to try and push him back, and succeeds in surrounding those marines and picks them all off, Food counts are still even at the 11 min mark, 65-65. 3rd Hatchery on its way, as well as Banelings and an evo Chamber, but no Roaches can be seen, cant even tell if he has the Warren down. Spire is on its way though, and Mutalisks shortly thereafter. Puma favoring Tanks and Marines and Medivacs. Neither player still has an advantage. Puma moves out, loses half his marines to Banelings, and some siege tanks, but also kills the Mutalisks so another even exchange and niether player seems to be in the lead. Puma puts down his third now, and both players continuing to stick with this unit comp. Puma makes a drop and gets a few drone kills, but loses the drop and trys to charge in from the main way, loses his army but destroys the army of July and reinforcements come in, and help out Puma. He keeps on the pressure and eventually July gives in and gg's. Puma 3-1 July and is now in the finals! COMPLETE SURPISE! Congratz Puma!!!

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