Saturday, July 9, 2011

NASL Grand Finals Day 2 July vs Moon

Day 2 Match 2
Moon vs July

Metalopolis, Crevasse, Typhon Peaks

Game 1
First ZvZ of the day and its between 2 incredible players in cross positions. July opens up with a 10 pool and sneaks some zerglings in, but Moon holds it off. He counterattacks and takes out a few drones, but the food count for both players are very similar. No clear advantage is being taken with small skirmishes here and thier until finally July pushes in with roaches and Moon responds with a mass of Banelings, but they dont do enough damage and the Roaches break Moons defenses and takes the game.

Game 2
Both players spawn in North and South positions on the right side of the map Crevasse. Both players early expand so we are looking at a longer game. Moon seems to be going for some Banelings while July continues to macro up. July is caught off guard with Zergling and Banelings coming in and only Roaches to defend. He loses a few drones but not enough to take a lead, however a second attempt allows him to gain the lead after 14 total drones have now been killed. Both players proceed to now generate higher amounts of units but July walls off and builds up mass Roaches just like in Game one. Moon cannot hold it, loses his drones, army, queens and he gg's. July takes game 2.

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