Saturday, July 9, 2011

NASL Grand Finals Day 2 Quarter Finals MC vs Sen

Day 2 Match 6
Sen vs MC

Game 1
Taldarim Altar is the first map. Sen graciously asks MC to not 3-0 him lol, MC obliges and says, ok 3-1. MC throws down a 15 Nexus before Sen grabs his Hatchery, instead opting in for a Spawning pool. Forge is down and Cannons do follow. MC does completely wall himself in, so Sen may Baneling bust, and MC may go Voidrays as MC throws down a Stargate, but nothing is determined yet. Sen continues to Drone up. Sen places a semi ninja expansion at his 4th. MC scouts his main and 3rd with his Voidray and does discover that 4th early on, but is unable to take it down as Spore Crawlers are up. MC favoring a bit of air units trys to go in, but Sen catches him off gaurd as Hydras are now on the field. He loses his Void Ray, but still has alot of Phoenixs. Charge and more gateways are on their way, Infestors for Sen and the food counts are about even at 120 at the 12 min mark. Zealots charge in, as well as Phoenixs now that Charge is ready and clears up those Hydras. He applies pressure on that 4th, but no clear winner comes out of this. MC moving for Storm and a Robo, while Sen moves into Banelings with Zerglings and Hydras and Infestors. He is also taking his 4th base and MC has his 3rd established. Massive amounts of Banelings are being made, and no Colossus are on the map. MC'd 4th base is on its way. Both armies are now maxed at the 18 min mark. Storms drive the Zerglings back and kill so many, Blink is in effect, and Sen should have won that encounter Bu MC comes out on top. MC applies some Blink Stalker pressure at the 4th base of Sen and it causes Sen to eventually lose his Zergling army, Sen gg's and MC takes game 1.

Game 2
Backwater Gulch is the map, MC spawns int he top Right corner, and Sen in the Bottom left. Pretty standard play, MC does a 1 Gate Expand and places a Stargate down as well. Starts bringing in more gateways as well and a Void Ray. Sen is wanting to go Roaches but still has alot of Zerglings, Artosis then drops a Hammer MC joke much to the crowds dismay. 3 Voidrays are out but Sen holds it off. Sen has decided to take his 3rd as his gold, but MC doesnt discover that till well after its down and established. It looks like MC is going to go Colossus, very interesting play and we are going to see a very diverse unit composition. Baneling nest is on its way in. Sens economy is soaring ahead. MC is falling behind in minerals and in food. 170-140 at the 13 min mark. Sen is even taking his 4th base, but he still has not revealed his Colossus. He goes for an engagement and manages his units very well and clears out the initial army of Sen, but Sen counters with his queens help and pushes him back, until they fall off creep, and MC pushes him back, but it is 4 bases vs 2 for MC. MC is microing his army very well, but i dont think it will be enough. This will probably be the last engagement for this match and MC is keeping his Colossus alive, but it doesnt work and MC gg's, Sen ties the series 1-1.

Game 3
Xelnage Caverns is the next map, MC spawning at the bottom. Standard play again, no out of the ordinary Korean Tactics. MC looking to expand and has alot of Zealots early on, looking to delay the Hatchery, but doesn't work quite well and he is forced to retreat. Sen picks the 3 Zealots off. MC grabs his expansion, and a Twilight council. Sen is upgrading his Melee attack, so probably a Baneling bust coming out. Dark Shrine is also on it way, and no Lairs for Overseers to detect it, but Sen reads him well and places 2 Spore Crawlers down for detection and also gets his 3rd base up at the gold. MC is not looking to be in good position as the 2 Dark Templar he created were quickly picked off with no value coming from them. MC transitions into some more Gateways and is looking to take his 3rd. Sen is looking to be in great position again. MC trys to move in, but Forcefields the Banelings and maintains his unit count,  and takes out a few units, he is still trailing Sen in food and trys to push in again, but he loses his Zealots and the Zerglings surround  the Blink Stalkers. Again no clear victor in these engagements, but Sen is still in the lead overall. 150-120 food at the 15 min mark. Sen decided to push MC's 3rd, blows his Nexus and Baneling drops MC's army. MC loses his army and his natural and gg's allowing Sen to take the series 2-1.

Game 4
Map is Terminus RE. MC spawning in the North, Sen in the West. They loaded the wrong map, RESTART!!!

Map is Terminus RE, MC spawning in the East, Sen in the North. No wierd shenaniganes, both players place down their expansions at 18. Sen takes his 3rd at the 5 min mark, and MC throws a Stargate down, followed by a Void Raw, Sen get his Hydra Den down as well, knowing MC has been liking this VoidRay play, he manages to take down 2 Queens, but loses his Void Ray, but in Response, MC makes alot of phoenixs and starts picking off Overlords and picks up his own third in the process. Corrupters are on thier way with some Mutalisks, Not sure what kind of unit comp MC is going for as he is relying on his Phoenix harrasment. Sen making alot of Zerglings and MC going for Templars with Storm with lots of Gateways warped in and established. Hes made alot of Zealots and Sentries. MC moves out and takes his 4th, Sen is leading in army count by about 20, but Sen sneaks in the back and gets his Mutas Stormed and lsoes his ground army i think(video stuttered) and pushes forward, MC now in the food lead, 200 to 180. Sen grabs his Hive and both players are now on 4 bases. Sen tries to assult the 4th but is rebuffed, and now morphs in 74 Zerglings and 30 Banelings to try and suicide that 4th, and it works, MC lsoes his 4th. Stream lag takes its toll and  have no idea whats going on. Food counts look to be the same as the stream stabilizes. Infestors are now in play and MC is looknig to take out the 4th, and he almost does it, but he loses alot of units, but takes out the ground army of Sen as well, an almost even exchange, but Sens 4th is still up. MC looking to keep up the pressure, his food count his higher than Sen, but MC looking to bring in Colossus But Sen is taking his 5th and 6th base. Stream is really laggy right now. MC mass produces Colossus, 3 at a time, and is up to 6. He is maxed out, using storms, and taking out the Banelings even after the losses, both players are still even. but is staying close to the Front lines, however Broodlords are now on the Map, and voidrays are being produced in response to this. 3 Robos, Lots of Gateways, and 3 Stargates for mass production of units. MC still hasnt expanded to his 5th yet, which is bad, his economic deisadvantage will catch up with him sonner or later., ah now he takes his 5th. Voidrays in, lots of Broodlos are in as well and they get caught out of position, the broodlords and he is losing them fast. He keeps losing them to the 10 Void Rays and MCs ground army is charging in All sen has now is Zerglings. and bringing in Infestors. Sen keep Fungal Growthing the Void Ray mass and they are now in the Yellow after all that. Sens 4th base is down, 5th base jsut fell, and MC's ground army is staying back and defending his 5th base. Void Rays are going for the 6th bue hes losing them to the Fungal Growths. Sen takes a huge economic shot and is not behind, food count is 195 - 100 at the 32 min mark. Storms, Collossus, and Stalkers are moving in and MC finishes Sen off. He takes the series 2-2.

Game 5
Last game of this Best of 5 will be played on Metalopolis and Players are spawned in Closer by air positions in the bottom. Standard play again, Both players expanding early. More stargate play from MC coming up.followed by a Void Ray. Roaches coming in, but no Lair for Hydras. Sen does have an Evo Chamber though, food is at 60 each at the 8 min mark. The Void Ray is rebuffed and Spore Crawlers as well. Sens third is now up and running. and a Macro Hatch so Sen is on 4 hatches and 3 bases defending very well against the 5 Phoenixs and 1 Void Ray from MC. MC responds by taking his 3rd and is able to hold it even as Sen trys to scout it. Send responds and begins teching up very heavily and sends his Phoenxis for harrasment. Sen try to take his 4th gold, but it is scouted by MC and he tries to take it down, but Sen defends so well against it by canceling and replacing the hatch with 4 Queens and a spore Crawler at the Gold. Sen takes this advantage and places his 5th and 6th base down. Both armies are approching max. MC is not taking any more expansions and almost loses his army but some well managed unit control lets him save that battle. Sen does a drop in a mineral line and takes out a few Probes but nothing big. MC takes his Gold and is positioning himself near Sens Gold. Dark Templars are taking out Hatches, Armies are engagning again, but MC keeps coming out on top. Most battles are taking place near the Gold, Sen loses his Gold, his 5th, and his 6th, the 3rd of Sen is under attack, and MC is still pushing forward. food count is now 160 for MC 120 for Sen. MC still in the lead. Both sides take huge damage and back out, but Sen takes alot more damage in my oppinion. MC taking his 4th, and is researching Storm. Broodlords are in play now, but MC still outnumbters Sen, he Blinks underneath the Broodlords and takes the victory, MC will take the win 3-2. Way to go MC!

MC vs Puma tomorrow! Epic Epic Matches!!!!

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