Friday, April 8, 2011

Mouse Accuracy

Have you ever wanted to try to increase your Mouse Accuracy by either using a Starcraft 2 map or program?

I found this neat little tool developed in HTML5. Not sure if it will help increase the accuracy of your mouse clicks, but its a great way to keep your mechanical skills up even when not playing Starcraft like at work, or when you need to take a few days off from laddering.

It helps you aim at targets that are stationary, moving, mutiple targets that pop up and must be dealt with very quickly(micro), or blind clicking to help your accuracy when your attention has to be focused elsewhere... 

Note: For best results, play this game using Google Chrome or Safari. You should all be using chrome anyway because it is far superior to all the other web browsers, including Firefox IMO.

Also, there seem to be a few bugs with it. For me it tells me I lose around the 8k points mark, but I get no trouble if i just close the window out and start a new game instead of pressing ACEPTAR. 

Post your scores!

So far I have gotten too:
Stage 10
35030 Points


  1. That was awesome: I got 31140 points. I loved the invisible cursor stages. If I hadn't of disabled mouse acceleration last week this would have been a lot harder.

    Where do you find this stuff?

  2. I work with a bunch of web designers and developers and the linked me to the "Chrome Experiment" experimenting with new things to do with HTML 5. There are a bunch of other cool projects they have as well.