Friday, April 1, 2011

MLG Dallas 2011 Update, Day 1

Hey everyone! There were some awesome matches tonight! First up was Sockeh(P) vs Idra(Z). Sockeh opened up with several fast Voidrays oin Xel'naga Caverns, however Idra scouted them and shut them down very quickly and took Game 1. Idra said in the interview after the matches that he had studied Sockeh's play and had learned he had been favoring that Void Ray opening. In game 2, Shakuras Plateau was the map, the old version, which was odd because MLG was using the new version of Lost Temple. Sockeh again opened with a Stargate but when it was scouted canceled it in favor of a Robo Facility, Fooling Idra into not making enough units however Idra suspecting something, ended up getting Roach burrow and effectively shut down Sockeh's ability to push by using the burrow as a defense measure against his Stalker/Immortal unit comp. Idra got a third, and pushed out for and attack and took the match 2-0.

I also got to see LiquidTyler(P) vs EGMachine(Z). Tyler looked to be in strong form going into this match, however Zerg kept up some high pressure and prevent Tyler from really getting into any solid Tech. Both matches ended the same with EGMachine taking the win.

Not many other games that were very noteworthy, I hope to bring you some info on some great matches tomorrow!

Its important to remember that these first matches were simply there for players to get seeded higher. No one is getting eliminated just yet, the matches will only get better tomorrow.

Also one last thing, I saw Huk while at the Alienware booth showing off my skill and wished him luck! He flew straight in from Korea yesterday and I for one was worried he would be suffering from some nasty jet lag. I wish you the best Huk! Show them what Korean playing is all about!!!!

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