Saturday, July 9, 2011

NASL Grand Finals Day 1 Boxer vs MC

Match 7
Boxer vs MC

Game 1
Mc vs Boxer, an incredible match im sure is about to be seen. I have been up very late watching these games and cannot wait to see the results. Both players began very standard like, however MC sneaks a scout in and builds an early Stargate for most likely Voidrays. Boxer trys some early pressure with a few bio units and MC trys getting a Proxy Pylon but it almost gets sniped, however the Voidray makes its debut with the single round of warped in units as well as units from MC's main. Boxer loses his initial units and is forced to pull SCV's while more units are getting warped in. MC is surging forward and boxer is losing ground and his expansion and not enough units to defend. Boxer has 15 units and MC has 65 at the ten minute mark, and Boxer GG's so MC will take Game 1.

Game 2
Boxer opts in for an 15 Command Center with MC going standard play. MC responds by expanding himself. MC continues to concentrate on his economy and macro while Boxer concentrates on getting a very Robust unit Composition. MC looks to want to use Gateway units primarily while Boxer looks to want to stick with a Marine, Maurader, Medivac composition. MC looking to shake things up throws a Dark Council down and grabs a few Archons and gain map control. Both players are constructing their third base. Boxer attempts a drop but nearly loses it after its spotted early. Boxer using EMP to take out shields, but MC Storms the marines into near death, so the exchange cancels itself out. Another exchange at MC's 3rd allows MC to take the lead but takes meage shield damage on 4 archons from emps and is forced let them recharge. MC charges in and takes out Boxers 3rd but loses his army. He attempts to stop the counterattack, but some great emps from Boxer causes MC to lose his army again. Boxers economy has really suffered and is trying to take the gold expansion. I think he was hoping to finish it then, but underestimated MC's economy. Boxer moves to Mc's 4th and takes it down, but is trapped my Mc's Army and loses his ghosts and his army. Both players just looking to build up, but MC is able to rebuild faster and goes on the offense far sooner than Boxer is able too. Boxer continues to hold him off with excellent unit control, but MC is now 200/200 and 114 for Boxer, Boxer loses his army, and his 3rd. and MC takes it 2-0. 


  1. Love these quick write ups, it's always a hassle to find results for games I missed the next day, keep em comin!