Friday, July 8, 2011

NASL Grand Finals Day 1 Morrow vs July

Match 3
Morrow vs July

As a big surprise, Morrow is actually playing as Terran so Match 3 will be a TvZ.

Game 1
Both players are going for early expansions and Morrow is wanting to grab some early Helions for some harassment with the only way for July to react is with Zerglings. He pushes the Helions back with some carefully controlled Zerglings, and then chooses to try to apply some pressure by sending his Zerglings down to make Morrow nervous. He eventually catches the Helions out of position and picks them off. July creates some Mutalisks for some mineral line harassment while Morrow continues along the line of Tanks and Marines. July begins taking his 3rd, and shortly after his 4th at the Gold. July continues to tech up by grabbing a Baneling nest and Morrow continues to up his Tank and Marine count with a few Thors to help out against the Mutas. July pushes in with his Banelings and takes out the tanks and most of the Marines. Several minutes later he does it again as Morrow attempts to take his gold, it quickly goes down as Morrow is delayed economically with that loss. July then pushes toward Morrows Natural and clears up the mineral line. But Morrow, with his bigger army, attempts to push out and begin applying pressure, but July already has 5 bases while Morrow is still on 2.

July begins grabbing some broodlords as he Baneling Busts Morrows new Gold base and takes it down. Broodlords are out and forcing Morrow to retreat. Morrows economy is shot to shit and July is moving to to finish off this game. Morrow eliminates the ground army of July and finishes off the Broodlords. But July is quick to rebuild and takes out the 3rd attempt of Morrow to take his Gold and Morrow GG's.

Game 2
The Match starts up pretty normal, July goes for a quick Baneling Bust and sneaks in quite a few Banelings to eliminate the Mineral line of Morrow. This delays him and he is forced to play very defensively. July's Speedlings are helping him maintain map control as he begins taking his third and starts transitioning into Mutalisks. He uses them for harrasment as Morrow transitions into Tanks and Marines. Morrows Defensive line is holding despite the Zergling, Baneling, Mutalisk Pressure being provided by July. Morrow is trying to grab some detection from Ravens but now burrowed Banelings are few and far between as Broodlords are getting morphed in and moved into position. Food count is 127 for Morrow and 186 for July as the next encounter takes place. The ground army is removed but the Broodlords are taken out and July takes the series again 2-0.

Great Job July!

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