Saturday, July 9, 2011

NASL Grand Finals Day 2 Puma vs Squirtle

Match 1 Day 2
Puma vs Squirtle

Metalopolis, Crevasse, Typhon Peaks

Game 1
First map is Metalopolis, and players spawn in southern close air positions. Both players are playing pretty standard. Puma going for Tanks and Marines on one base and Protoss going early expand with Stalkers. However Puma is going for a one base all in and sends 75% of his Scvs in to help absorb the damage and take Game 1. Puma takes it 1-0.

Game 2
Crevasse is a macro oriented map so we will definitely see a long game. Both players expand to their protected nautrals, and get the typical buildings, Puma however seems to be favoring Marines for now, but throws down a Factory. Squirtle decides going for a 7 gateway push with a Proxy Pylon, but it gets spotted and shut down. Squirtle is favoring units more than upgrades and attempts to break the front door by sending a Hallucinated Warp prism to the back to create a distraction and it doesnt work, but Squirtle still manages to break through, destroys the Bunkers, the defending troops and takes game 2, GO SQUIRTLE!!!!

Game 3
This map, Typhon Peaks is another macro oriented map most of the time, but at times it can create some interesting timing pushes. Cross positions have been spawned and Puma puts down a Tech lab on his Barracks, but cancels it after its scouted by Squirtle in favor of Factory and Starport units. Squirtle throws down a Twilight Council and a Dark Shrine, and also expands. He spawns a few in and gets in 2 Dark Templars with no way for Puma to detect it as he Muled and scanned pretty heavily before they went in. Puma loses quite a few SCV's but Squirtle loses some workers as well. Puma drops again into the mineral line and pushes in as well and causes Squirtle to lose now 47 workers against the 27 Squirtle was able to kill for Puma. The drop plays continue and Squirtle looks to be losing all map control as he is forced to stay in his base. Puma makes a push at the main, but it gets forcefielded and seperated by Squirtle and now Squirtle regains map control and pushes in but as he sees what hes up against in Pumas main, he falls back. Drops continue from Puma continue.

Wow some incredible play just happens Templar are now in play with storm, Pumas third is a Planetary Fortress. Emp is also used, They go off, Forcefields go off, Squirtle blocks Puma in his base, storms the remnants, eliminates the natural, trys to push back, but Puma drops in Squirtles main and eliminates alot of probes, crippling the economy of Squirtle and Puma catches him off guard and out of position he is forced to retreat, but creates more templars to help defend Pumas next push, it holds it off, but Puma Drops AGAIN back in his main, even though Squirtle is able to gain the advantage in the field, the combinded economic disadvantage and the drop in his main, Squirtle is forced to GG, Puma moves on with a 2-1.

HOLY SHIT those were good games.

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