Friday, July 8, 2011

NASL Grand Finals Day 1 Select vs White-Ra

Match 7
Select vs White-Ra

Game 1
Very fast game, Whitera does a typical 3 gate opener into Dark Templar and Select goes Marine Maurader mix. easily held off if you can get your forcefields off correctly. But he missed it slightly and Select moves up his ramp and into his base to take game 1.

Game 2
In this game Select ops in for an Early expand and WhiteRa looks to be doing something very typical. But he attempts to do some early pressure with his initial Zealot and Stalker and almost pays for it in the counterattack Select attempts but Whitera holds it off. He proceed to go for an expansion and Colossus, and Select goes for a large bio force that could possibly transition into Tanks or Vikings. Vikings it looks to be as both begin macroing up and getting their ideal army compostions up to speed. Food supply has been about even the whole time. White Ra discovers Select is trying to take the gold, but loses his colossus and his army in an attempt to snipe it. White ra is now behind and needs to pull something very clever out of his ass if he wants to come out of this in a better position. So White ra wonders into his opponents base with some colossus to try and hold his own but it wasnt enough and White Ra gg's. Select takes the series 2-0.

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