Saturday, July 9, 2011

NASL Grand Finals Day 2 Sen vs Darkforce

Day 2 Match 3
Sen vs Darkforce
Metalopolis, Crevasse, Typhon Peaks

Game 1
Another ZvZ on Metalopolis in cross positions, left and right, and Darkforce opens up with a 10 pool and Sen is going for the long term game play, no pool down for Sen and Darkforce already has 6 Zerglings out, but Sen holds it off very well even though he lost quite a few Drones. Darkforce going for Banelings and forces Sen to stay on guard. Sen also goes Banelings and walls his ramp off with a pair of Queens. Both players just macroing up now, building mainly drones and gearing up for the mid-game. Both palyers grab Zerglings and Roaches and try to engage but Sen ends up coming out slightly better than Darkforce and Sen takes his 3rd. Sen continues to build up Roaches and attacks Darkforce at his Natural and the exchange is clearly in favor of Sen and Darkforce gg's out. Sen takes game 1.

Game 2
Creveasse spawn points are both at the top, left and right respectively. Both players seem to be playing very simirlaly but Darkforce grabs his naturals expansion while Sen grabs his protected Natural. Darkforce looking to favor Banelings again and Sen going for more Zerglings and it costs him as a Baneling gets a good hit off and Darkforce manages to sneak a Baneling in and before they even explode, Sen gg's knowing full well it was game over. score is tied 1-1.

Game 3
Map starts out with both players spawning on the left hand side on Typhon Peaks, Sen on top, Darkforce on bottom. Both players playing simiraly, no expansion, and favoring some early Zerglings for a very defensive type of play. Darkforce again favoring Banelings, while Sen is grabbing Roaches, this match is looking to be similiar to game one, but Darkforce manages to sneak in a few Banelings into the mineral line, so Darkforce expands to help push this game into a more long term play. Sen decides to go for a 1 base timing push and puts a Baneling nest down and starts mining more gas. Darkforce makes a push with a huge amount of Zerglings and Roaches but Sen brilliantly holds it off with some great transfuses, he finishes off the attack and Darkforce is down and on the run, Sen pushes and clears up Dark forces attack, his natural, and he gg's, Sen takes game 3, and the series, 2-1. Sen will be up against Select or MC next.

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