Friday, July 8, 2011

NASL Grand Finals Day 1 Squirtle vs Sheth

Match 2
Squirtle vs Sheth

Game 1 has an incredible start with my fellow Brotoss, Squirtle, going for a 15 Nexus before Zerg even expands. Sheth does a typical opening favoring Zerglings while Squirtle favors Gateway units with Blink. He continues to hold off any pressure from Sheth and finally pushes and eliminates his 2nd and 3rd expansion to take game 1. Squirtle 1, Sheth 0

Game 2
Sheth starts out opening pretty standard while Squirtle opens with a 3 gate into expand. Sheth not only takes his natural early but goes for the gold Expansion on the Left side of the map as well. Squirtle hallucinates some extra stalkers and makes a push but scouts the hidden gold base just as he reaches Sheths Natural. He turns around and assaults it while a proxy Pylon is being made at the gold. Sheth loses the gold, but also his entire army, but now Squirtles Natural is established and safe. Sheth responds with getting a Spire up for some Mutalisks for harassment and buying time as he gets his gold setup again. Squirtle doesn't have much to respond to these Mutalisks as Blink is now researched. A Dark Shrine goes down but I'm not sure it will do much as there are Overseers already on the map. Sheth makes a push at Squirtles third base, he manages to sneak up the ramp and take out all sentries and buildings except the Nexus, but loses his entire ground army in the process. Both players begin to macro up hard and improve their unit count and upgrades. 

Storm tech is on its way in as well as Infestors and Banelings. Sheths Gold has helped him to gain the economic advantage and loads up overloads for Baneling drops, attacks at 2 naturals. The entire attack works and Squirtle loses, not 1, not 2 Probes, but 56 probes. Only 1 bases is mining with only 8 probes left. Squirtles Economy is shattered, with 114 food to 173 to Sheths total. Its 3 base agaisnt 4 with Sheth in the HUGE lead. This is a Great turnaround. Sheth loads up for another B52 Bomber run while his Mutalisks begin picking off buildings here and their. Blink Stalkers push em back as the main army of Sheth moves in to clear out the now established gold from Squirtle. Squirtle holds off this push with a Flood of Psi Storms and Sheth loses half his supply in army and in Overlords! Squirtle pushes and takes out Sheths 5th base Sheth attempts to continue to pick off buildings with his Mutalisks but loses them all as Squirtles army picks them off as they try to retreat. The game is at the 35 minute mark at this point, with every bases being taken. One last engagement with a flood of Storms and Archons mean the entire Zerg army is torn apart and Squirtle goes on to take game 2. Squirtle moves on to the finals and the 2nd Zerg player of 8 has been knocked out.

 Congratz Squirtle!!!

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