Sunday, July 10, 2011

NASL Grand Finals Day 3 July vs Sen

Day 3 3rd place match
Sen vs July
This will be the last Best of 5 series, I am unsure of the maps that will be used.

Game 1
First map will be Crossfire. Both players opting in for a Economic build by placing early Hatcheries. They are pretty much mirroring each other with their pools and extractors going down. Sen opting in for Banelings and July is going Roaches, the same unit comp and build he did against Moon. Sen also going Roaches now. He tries to attack with Roaches and Banelings but is rebuffed but July's massive amounts of Roaches. July pushes in and is streaming in reinforcements to Sens natural and Sen gg's.

Game 2
Map is Shattered Temple. Close by Air positions are spawned in the north. Same builds are before, but July goes Banelings this time first, and Sen follows up shortly there after. But Sen is grabbing alot of Zerglings really early on. 24 on their way out right now. And July has a few Banelings that get thwarted by Sens excellent unit Micro. Neither side takes an advantage still though as both continue to build up. Something of note is that no real Creep spread is going on. July has made alot of Roaches again, and Sen creating alot of Spine Crawlers and Roaches to help hold July's attack, armies look pretty even, Sen loses alot to the Banelings but holds Julys attack off due to the +1 Attack for Sen. July looks to be making another attack with the same unit comp, Roaches and Banelings are on thier way in again, Banelings go off, Roaches charge in and spine Crawlers from July rush in as well and begin to burrow, but Sen plays very well and holds it off. July gg's and Sen will take game 2. 1-1 is the score.

Game 3
Map is Taldarim Altar. Both players spawning on the East sides, Sen up top, July on bottom Sen favoring some early aggression and forgoes the early Hatch for a Pool. He applies some early pressure to pick off a few drones and also places a Baneling Nest down. Both players favoring Zerglings, and July decides to counterattack and take out all the defending Zerglings of Sen as well as a Queen. It appears July is going all in and just rallies all future Zerglings to Sens Natural, Sen responds by making alot of Banelings, clears up Julys Zerglings and decides to make a counterattack with Banelings and Zerglings. Its not looking good, but he manages to sneack past Julys defenses and clears up the Mineral line of July's main July is now on the defensive and has half the food of Sen, 42 to 22.  July's 2 Spinecrawlers are still up, but Sen has alot of Zerglings on the field with alot more on the way July decides to wall off with an Evo Chamber and a Roach Warren, but Sen sneaks in again and picks off Julys main. July has to gg as his economy is just crippled, Sen will take game 3. Sen now leads 2-1.

Game 4
Map is Crevasse. Players Spawn in the North, July in the East, Sen in the West. Sen will take his Natural early and July will take his protected. Both players again playing standard, no cheese. In fact the only cheesy plays we have seen in this entire tournament has been from Puma. July decides to attack with some early Zerglings and Roaches, Sen trys to pick them off, but the Roaches do extra damage to Zerglings and Sen is forced to retreat. July is building up and breaks down the rocks and makes it into Sens base with no resistance, Sen decides to go for a base trade and charges in, July loses his zerglings and only have a few Roaches left. Sen clears up both bases of units and July has lost all Hatcheries. July sends in a few Roaches, a very wierd game going on its 5 Roaches vs 12 Zerglings 10 vs 14 food. Sen clears up that base and July has 0 food left vs 8 of  Sen, Sen takes game 4 and the 3rd place title.


  1. Go Sen! Definitively one of the best foreign players in the world!