Friday, July 8, 2011

NASL Grand Finals Day 1 Sen vs Zenio

Match 5
Sen vs Zenio

Game 1
ZvZ is one of the more interesting Matchups. Both players start very similarly and go for the same unit composition, Zergling, Baneling, Roach. A great timing push from Zenio causes Sen to GG early on.

Game 2
This Game starts the same as before but Zenio favors an early Baneling nest for some kind of surprise while Sen begins prepping for some more Roach play. His Roach numbers are much higher and he attacks and Baits Zenio into attacking enough for him to clear out both mineral lines and Sen will take game 2.

Game 3
Wow, a match finally makes it to game 3! Shattered Temple is the map, and players spawn in Northern Close by Air positions. Sen goes for Roaches and Zerglings While Zenio goes for Zerglings and Spine Crawlers and Macros up for extra Defense and a better Economy. Sen decides to push in with his Roaches, just like last time and it worked very well. Sen takes the 3rd game and is the first non-Korean to advance to the next level.

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