Friday, July 8, 2011

NASL Grand Finals Day 1 Alive vs Darkforce

Match 6
Alive vs Darkforce

Game 1
Well its not a Protoss match, but its not a mirror matchup either. Terran vs Zerg always offer interesting play. Alive opens up with a 2 Barracks into a Bunker Rush, and Darkforce holds it off with no loss to economy or timings. This rush didn't even effect him. Alive is gearing up to expand with Siege mode and Darkforce begins droning up and favoring mass Zergling and expanding to his 3rd. Alive brings a drop in and attacks his 3rd as its coming up and severely delays Darkforces economy. He continues the two pronged attacks and eventually forces Darkforce to gg.

Game 2
This game opens up the same way as before, but Alive positions his Bunker Rush much better and Darkforce handles the situation poorly. Darkforce loses more Zerglings than need be, but still holds it off and is allowed to continue to macro up. Unit Compositions right now are Marines vs Zerglings with Alive looking to take the advantage in power, but no altercations occur as the two players begin to tech up. Siege mode is on its way so more Tanks are on their way as well as Spires, Roaches, and Banelings. Alive attempts a few drops, but no two pronged attacks as before, so the drops do very little, but DarkForce lucks out as Alive is caught unprepared for speed banelings and Darkforce jumps ahead. Both players continue to engage and build their unit comp up. Neither player is gaining a clear advantage as they both jump ahead and fall behind in the food count. Eventually Darkforce starts creeping ahead as he picks off several drops with his Mutalisks. Both players continue to macro up and Mutalisk harassment never ceases. Broodlords are on their way in and Infestors are spread across the map. An engagement happens at Alives Gold but nothing definte happens, he loses the gold, but both players are still at 200/200. Another big battle happens and some great Fungal Growths go off and Alive loses half his force, but Darkforce loses his Broodlords so both players end up in a Draw for that battle. However Darkforce's economy is far better and is back up close to 200 while Terrans are still at 134. Darkforce rushes in, but loses his economic advantage when a two pronged attack comes at both his expansions. But Alive is mined out and is not generating any resources. But Darkforce still does not have a clear lead until Darkforce pushes with his air force and begins clearing up Alives forces. Alive gg's later on to take the series 1-1.

Game 3
This game plays out very interesting as Alive goes for some fast Helions. And its not jsut 4 but 12 Helions coming in. Darkforce has some trouble but eventually holds it off and continues to tech up with Roaches. Darkforce makes a push and delays the mineral gathering, but still, same as the previous games, no clear advantage is being taken. Alive attempts some drops but nothing that works effectively. He transitions into Siege tanks and Thors, while Darkforce goes for his standard Baneling, Mutalisk, Roach, Zergling. Both players continue to macro up and poke and prod at each other to find a weakness. But finally Darkforce catches Alive out of position, takes out his tanks, banelings his Marines, and Fungal growths the remaining troops. Darkforce leaps ahead and starts taking full advantage of his well, advantage., He is getting his 5 saturated at the time Alive is getting his 4th. Darkforce finally uses a Nydus worm in Alives base to draw them out, but nothing happens with it. Both players are now maxed with alot of resources banked for each player. Darkforce let Alive jump back ahead by not applying any pressure. He uses a Corrupter and Broodlord Mix to break the Defensive Tank line of Alive and keeps pushing in gradually and falling back. Hes not committing to anything and both players continue to rebuild. Darkforce decides to do something drastic and morphs quite a few Broodlords into the game. Continues to apply pressure, whirling his opponent down. Darkforce played extremely safe and dragged this game out, but played so well. Alive GG's, a great series, Darkforce takes it 2-1!

Congratz Dark Force!

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