Monday, April 18, 2011

North American Star League Results Division 3 and 4, Day 3 and 4

Here are the results for Day 3 of the North American Star League!

I did not have time to watch all the matches in depth over the weekend but here is how Day 3 and Day 4 went. If anyone would like me to write brief article on each match let me know and I will find time to do it! Hopefully tomorrow I will be back on track for matches!

Division 3
Slush(2) vs MoonGlade(1)
Haypro(0) vs KawaiiRice(2)
DDE(1) vs Nada(2)
Exslav(1) vs Squirtle(2)
Naniwa(0) vs Strelok(2)

Division 4
Hasuobs(0) vs Select(2)
Ret() vs Ace(2)
Catz(2) vs Goody()
Brat_ok(2) vs MC(0)
Machine(1) vs Stalife(2)

Also, if you do have access to any of the games here are the ones that were really good.
Recommended games to watch:
Game 3 of DDE vs Nada.
Epic turnaround for Nada

Game 1 of Exslav vs Squirtle
Incredible use of Phoenix vs. Colossus

Game 2 of Hasuobs vs Select
Epic defense from Select

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