Tuesday, April 19, 2011

North American Star League Results Division 5, Week 1

Here is the results for Week 1 of Division 5 in the North American Star League!

Idra(2) vs Socke(1)
Sen(2) vs Zenio(0)
Painuser(1) vs Cloud(2)
Drewbie(0) vs Boxer(1)
Tyler(0) vs Mana(2)

Games to check out would be

Game 3 of Painuser vs Cloud.

Both games of Sen vs Zenio were very good.

Game 2 of Tyler vs Mana.

Game 2 of Drewbie vs Boxer

I would like to say that the majority of these matches were mirror matchups with 2 of these being TvT. In almost every TvT match I have seen, its always the same, Marine/Tank. People have said that this matchup offers the most interesting play, however I have yet to see that. TvT just seems to be way to boring. ZvZ looks to be more interesting IMO.

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