Friday, September 24, 2010

Zomg Hyrdras!!!!

So I have been pretty busy this week with work and projects and have had little time to sit down and even play Starcraft. I love writing these blogs, but if I havent played me some Starcraft matches recently, I feel like I don't know what I'm talking about in the blog. So I am going to pose a question out there and see what people do when encountering this unit mix.

Mass Hyrdralisks. How do you handle them? I played a Zerg player who did this to me, and in the past its also happened so lately its been bugging me on how to effectively engage a mass Hydralisk army. My best thought has been to mix some Archons with my unit mix to help absorb some damage while my zealots and Stalkers get into position, maybe even a collossus or 2. Zealots are very good against any unit when they get in range to attack.

What are some ways you have found to hit a MAss Hyrda Army?


  1. When I focus on Hydra armies, they tend to melt in the face of a variety of Protoss units. Hence why I default to Mutalisks more than I should.

    If your facing massed Hydras, in an ideal game, you'd have some Zealots up front, backed by Sentries w/Guardian Shield and either some High Templars for Storm or Colossi with Thermal Lance. With either of those facing Hydras alone, you would melt faces.

  2. Both templars and collosi are good options. I prefer templars since they are also semi useful against mutalisks.

  3. "maybe even a collossus or 2"?

    Lol, Collossi are Hard Counter to Hydra, they just pwn them like hell. Basically they are the same as marines, just stronger and way more expensive.

  4. Ive since found out having closer to 6 would be better for the amount of hydras he sent against me.

    If memory serves me well he sent around 25-35.