Monday, September 6, 2010

Do what feels right…

So today I’m just going to talk about how you play a match. If your like me, you like to watch matches from pro and amaze at their micro and macro skills. This is a good technique. You can pick up on stuff you may have not think about, after all some of the best strategies are circulated by the pros. I remember watching a Day9 Daily about how he was trying to beat Terrans early on as Protoss. He found that using Immortals was the best way to break the defenses and get an early lead.

 I began trying to incorporate them into my build to give me the extra edge, but it wasn’t working. It felt forced and I never had enough units. My original strategy involved a 2 gate opening but not utilizing it the way I should, I would wait till I get a Robotics Facility and then warp in 4 more, so 6 total, get a warp prism, and hopefully finish the game. I just kept doing this over and over again.

So I was looking for a change. But the build just didn’t feel right. So I abandoned it. If you’re not comfortable with your build, don’t force yourself to use it. In a way you have to feel your way through it. There is that inner voice that is telling you what you should be doing. Listen to it and learn from it.

Right now I have been trying to incorporate my favorite unit, the Dark Templar, into my builds. I don’t see this unit too often in matchups. People say that if your enemy brings detection then they are just zealots without charge. I have been working on using them as a support unit for my bigger army. Most players don’t being detection with their main armies, and a Dark Template can do some serious damage on one swimg.


  1. I've been watching a lot of Idra lately to see if I can learn anything and the one word of caution about watching pro replays is they make things look so much easier than they are. Something I often forget when attempting to put strategies into practice.

    Also, I am always wary of the Dark Template.

  2. I got some good feedback on the forums about adding them in, and i tried them and saw a few replays with them, its just adding them to the build order, there #7 i beleive in dps for all the units in game.

  3. I use dark templars a lot especially in PvT. But they are very situational I think.

  4. I agree, i dont think ill warp any in if my enemy brings in detection, im much better off using zealots instead, especially in PVT.