Saturday, September 18, 2010

Unofficial Patch Notes 1.1 Starcraft 2

I dont know if thhese are true or not, so lets assume they are, alot of sites, i know day9 mentioned some of these thins in a recent daily that WASNT on the situation report.

Some very intresting changes coming this week....

Im personally not thrilled about the Chrono Boost Cooldown.


  1. I was looking at those and deep in the back of my mind, I was secretly hoping they were real. Visions of a line of Overlords drifting across the map leaving trails of creep and behind them an army of terror made real.

    And.. um.. I'm really looking forward to the new soundtrack that's going to be added.

    ... you know.. the symphony of agony that will be the Protoss and Terran screams as they wait for their MULEs and Chronoboosts! Muahaha!

  2. I think it would be awesome if this were true, those overlord changes sound delicious, would really help me in scouting, a part of my game which is really lacking.

    The MULE CD sounds awesome, the amount of times ive cleared a terrans base of workers in a counter attack, and hes jus pumped a bunch of mules and eventually came back to beat me. Im a silver league zerg, and cant say ive had massive problems with reaper rushes, as to be dangerouse, they do need OKish micro, but the seige tank changes will be a life saver.

    no real comments about the toss changes tbh.

    love what ur doing with the blog man, keep it up

  3. Thankx Sean im glad you like the blog, a new post would be up today, but ive had a major headache all day and jsut didnt feel up to doing it. Im going to start a series soon of why your strategy NEEDS to change in different matchups and maps. I want to start raising awareness that these two elements are what you need to look at first when determining what you should be doing.

    Im really thinking that chronoboost cooldown wont be 20 sec, more like 10 is more reasonable. now 20 seconds, thats riduculous, unless they take away the energy of the nexus and make it a non energy using ability like charge.