Sunday, November 7, 2010

MLG Dallas

So far the action has been incredible. The matches that were played have been some of the best and most entertaining I have ever seen, with the best match being QXC vs. Sen. A TvZ matchup with Sen quickly gaining a lead but QXC was able to match him blow for blow, sometimes making 3-4 drops in different areas at the same time. Unfortunately, the Zerg overwhelmed him with there ability to out macro any opponent in the late game.

Huk was eliminated this morning by his teammate TLO in a very creative match involving burrow and Baneling mines! TLO also 6 pooled on there second matchup and Huk held it off incredibly well, however the zergs ability to out macro his opponent again led to TLO taking the win and knocking Huk out of the tournament. No hard feelings though, they both shared a hug and Huk wished him good luck in the tournament.

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