Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MLG Dallas Lineup

So MLG Nationals in Dallas is fast approaching and they released their Player list for Starcraft 2:


I am very interested to see who will rise to the top in this competition. My money is on Huk or Kiwikaki.

I can't wait to see Idra, TLO, Huk, Select, Kiwikaki, Drewbie, and many others live in action. Its going to be an exciting day!

Commentating on the match ups will be Day(9), DJWheat, and JP. This will definetely be one event you will not want to miss. You can watch the live stream for free or you can purchase the HD live stream here.

I hope to put some posts up throughout the weekend! I'll be keeping my eye on specifically Huk, TLO, and KiwiKaki in paticular.

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