Sunday, February 13, 2011

Getting Supply Blocked

So lately I have been having a problem with keeping myself from getting supply blocked. I have been using the Multitasking trainer and have noticed I supply block myself anywhere between 4-6 times a game. I try to make myself look every so often, but it always escapes me. I almost never had trouble in War3. I always built them on time and only occasionally got supply blocked. But I may have found the reason for it, at least partially.

In War3, I had my buildings hotkeyed and would constantly check them for production to make a steady stream of units. With Protoss of Starcraft 2, units come in chunks with warp gates, which is my primary strategy. One round of warp ins is 1 Pylon. You almost need to build a Pylon after every round of warp ins, and to be further accurate with it, be at least 16 supply over what the current food supply is.

You know, now that I have put this into words, I feel like I should try this....Anyone else run into the problem of getting supply blocked and have found a great way to push through it?

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  1. I think getting supply blocked is very common for many players, and I have seen it happen even to pros in top games. It happens to me all the time and I often end up making 4-6 depots/pylons all at once in frustration. Of course 10 minutes later I'm blocked again!

    I think the issue is systematic with being on top of things. Just as we should constantly make sure we're keeping our resources low, so we should constantly keep an eye on supply. Personally I think the trick of building a pylon or 2 every warp-in is a great idea.